It was a long night of more bullshit for Sonny Piati, and he wanted nothing more than a cold brew at his favorite bar. The god damned mill was running him ragged with their mandatory overtime, and he was just seeing red the whole ride home. He was so hell-bent on getting a cold one that he damn near ran over a few stupid trick or treaters on his way, and probably wouldn’t have felt bad about it, either. However, that moment passed, and all he could think about was some ice cold Budweiser hitting his lips.

Parking his pickup, he made his way into the Field Lounge and mumbled his normal grunts of hellos to some of the regulars and made his way to an open seat at the bar.

As soon as he sat down, the bartender had a frosted mug of Bud waiting for him, its suds overflowing the top of the glass. One of the many reasons he liked this bar. Great service and better beer. After rendering the cash and taking a long swig from the mug, he said hello to Johnny the bartender.

“Hey Sonny, you see the news?” Johnny asked as he motioned with his head toward a group of guys gathered around a small television in the corner of the bar.

“How the hell am I supposed to see anything with those buffoons hogging up the screen?! Hoo! Down in front!” Sonny shouted.

One fellow turned around that Sonny recognized as Steve Spencer, a co-worker of his at the mill.

“Sonny, it’s happening again,” Steve informed him, almost in shock.

“Do I look like a fucking news reporter? What the hell is happening? What is it that has everyone’s panties in a twist?”

“Michael Myers.”

Stunned, Sonny just looked back at Johnny, who confirmed with a nod as he washed some dishes below the counter.

Noticing the live report on the local news, Sonny made his way toward the group of guys, standing next to Steve hoping to get the specifics.

The group gathered by the TV listened intently as Kerry Carson’s report blared loudly across the bar, the very same report Madison, Tony and Dr. Loomis were currently watching across town at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital.

“We can assure you we have matters well in hand,” Deputy Josh Barnes stated, trying his best to sound confident. “At this point, we urge all citizens of Haddonfield to remain calm...”

“What in the damned hell is that stupid shit deputy doing on the news? Where the hell is that shine of a sheriff? Damnit, I want some answers!” Sonny yelled, quickly becoming angry again.

“We tried calling the station, but we keep getting a recording with some bullshit instructions to follow,” Benny Roth stated, who was one of the guys standing around the T.V.

“There’s also been a report of folks rioting downtown, and a few fires broke out as well,” Johnny stated from behind the bar as he topped off someone’s beer.

“Is that so?” Sonny replied plainly, in deep thought.

He took another swig from his beer and then finished it two gulps later.

“I don’t know about you fellows, but I’ve had about enough of this happening in our own backyard. I reckon it’s time we take matters into our own hands!” Sonny shouted loudly and clearly so that everyone in the bar could hear him.

“Now, I’m going to the Sheriff’s office to get some answers, and if I don’t hear the answers that I want I’m going to start making my own. I will unleash hell on the pussy authorities we have and take over and defend my town...OUR town!”

Feeling his blood pressure rising, Sonny saw the fire in the eyes of his fellow drinking buddies. Some of it may have been the alcohol, but mostly all of the folks in the bar remember the town’s past. The dark, cursed, history of Halloween night and they wanted it to come to an end once and for all. No longer could they trust their police force to protect them from this recurrence.

Sonny had taken it upon himself to announce martial law in the town of Haddonfield.

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