“This shit sucks,” Duke said to himself as he spun himself around in boredom in the chair behind all the security monitors.

He looked up at the clock hanging on the wall and noticed it wasn’t even midnight yet, which meant his miserable shift wouldn’t end for another six hours.

Duke hated working the security on nightshift at the hospital. Things were pretty exciting when he first clocked in with all the talk about Michael Myers and all that, but since then everything was dead. He had put the hospital on lock down per the standard operating procedure, which meant that every door to enter the hospital besides the main entrance and emergency entrance were locked, and he was doing his best to dutifully monitor every screen intently.

That got old real quick though, and he soon diverted his attention to a Playboy magazine that DJ let him borrow. Skimming through the section on Ms. October, he thought to himself that that hot redhead they brought in a couple hours ago would probably be a nice piece of ass.

He pondered this for a while before deciding he better ditch the magazine before Katie found it and raised hell with the administration.

With nothing better to do, he plugged in his headphones and turned up his desktop radio, which was blaring Rob Zombie’s “Superbeast” through one earphone so he could still hear if anyone was coming. However, just as the song began to play he noticed a black pickup truck pull into the emergency ambulance ramp.

“What the hell is this now?” Duke asked himself as he leaned forward in his chair for a better look into the black and white monitor. Although it was not uncommon for patients to use this ramp in case of emergency, it was recommended that they didn’t just in case an ambulance had to arrive.

Duke watched the parked truck for a couple of minutes and became alarmed when no one exited the vehicle. It could mean someone was seriously hurt and could not walk, or there could be fowl play involved. This finally got Duke’s adrenaline pumping and he immediately beeped Katie on her personal radio to inform her of the possible emergency.

Jogging down the hall, he approached the emergency ramp, but as he got closer, he noticed there was no one even in the truck at all.

Pushing a button on the wall, Duke triggered the two sets of automatic sliding doors, which opened slowly while he stepped through. Seeing the truck’s exhaust shooting out into the night, Duke took a good look inside and outside it, but there was definitely no one in sight.

“What the hell is going on here?” he asked himself again as he circled the truck, not even sure what he was searching for.

His instincts told him something was fishy here and he decided he better go back inside and report this to the sheriff’s office. Just then, as he looked off into the dark foggy distance, he thought he saw something move, and realized it was definitely time to call the sheriff.

However, just as he turned around, someone was standing directly behind him causing him to yell in fright.

“Calm down Duke, it’s just me, what’s going on out here?” a cheerful Katie stated, responding to her emergency beep.

“Christ, Katie you scared the shit out of me!” Duke groaned, still getting his wits about him.

“Well it’s Halloween, everyone is entitled to one good scare. Now what’s up?”

“I’m not sure, but something is definitely wrong here. I saw this truck pull up on my monitor but no one exited the vehicle, and when I came out to investigate, there was no one in sight.”

Feeling a shiver down her spine, Katie just bit her lower lip in a look of puzzlement.

“Let’s get back inside. I’m going to report this to Sheriff Robinson, then get this truck towed,” Duke stated as the two began walking back into the hospital.

Katie responded with something and they engaged in conversation, completely oblivious to the fact that they were being followed inside by Michael Myers, who was merely ten feet behind them as he entered Haddonfield Memorial.

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