“Mmm, damn baby I've been waiting for this all night,” Mark whispered into Brandi’s ear as they paused for a second from making out.

“This is so bad...in my father’s barn???” Brandi surmised, not really asking a question.

“It just makes it that much better baby,” Mark insisted as he started sucking on her neck.

The couple stood in the middle of the barn with hay stacked all around them. The old wooden barn was dilapidated, but still served its purpose. The roof had many cracks, which allowed the moonlight to shine in, but only in parts. Fog was also seeping in through those cracks and from underneath the large sliding door, swirling and gathering at their feet.

Brandi went to say something else but once Mark started on her neck it was over. She knew he had hit her sweet spot and there was no chance of turning back now. She let out a soft moan and Mark gently laid her down on a bale of hay.

Brandi unzipped her referee shirt the rest of the way down exposing her chest as she stared up at him seductively.

Clearly turned on, Mark ripped off his shirt and was ready to pounce when he spotted something hanging on the wall out of the corner of his eye.

Laughing, he grasped the large machete hung on a nail and immediately went into character.

“Ayyyyyyye, I’m Captain Jack Sparrow,” Mark growled in a horrible pirate voice, flipping down the eye patch of his Halloween costume from the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Brandi giggled at his silliness, shaking her head in disbelief.

“Well come and take me captain,” she urged in her sexiest, most alluring voice.

That did it. Mark couldn’t wait any longer. He tossed the machete behind him, but didn’t hear any crash, and didn’t care. The hottest girl in all of Haddonfield was lying in front of him, ready to be taken, and he sure wasn’t going to waste anymore time thinking about it.

He got on top of her and their hands began to wander, ripping and tearing at their costumes.

Brandi moaned as she unzipped his pants and pulled them down easily, tossing them in the far corner of the barn, where they landed on top of a pair of black boots standing there motionless.

Mark returned the favor by sliding her shorts and panties down over her boots.

As they made love, Brandi tossed her head back and stared up at the night sky through the cracks in the ceiling feeling better than she ever had before.

As she got closer to the moment, she lifted her head up to kiss his neck, but froze.

Standing not even a few feet behind them was Michael Myers, staring down at them, wielding the machete that Mark threw in one hand, and a pick-axe in the other.

Brandi screamed at the top of her lungs in fear, the same time Mark was screaming and moaning in pleasure.

An instant later Michael brought the pick-axe down through the back of Mark’s head and the tip came out his eye, popping it out of its socket.

Then, Michael lifted the pick-axe back up like a rag-doll and tossed it aside easily, with Mark’s lifeless body still attached.

Brandi let out another blood-curdling scream as she laid there in shock and horror, watching Michael slowly lift the machete above his head.

She managed to utter the word “no” and threw her hands up in a helpless defense right before Michael brought the first blow down, slicing off one of her hands and connecting deep in her stomach. He brought it back up as blood splattered everywhere, and quickly brought it back down, slicing off her other forearm and connecting in her lower abdomen.

Michael repeated this motion another ten times, leaving the once ‘perfect ten’ disemboweled and in pieces, lying in a large puddle of blood.

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