“Damn Mark, will you slow down? You know how my father hates it when you speed down his road like a maniac,” 18-year-old Brandi Baker told her boyfriend.

“Relax babe, the old man is deep in never-never land by now,” Mark Verone replied arrogantly.

“Well how about you slow down so I don’t lose any precious seconds with you,” Brandi commanded seductively as she leaned over in the passenger seat and kissed him gently on his cheek.

“Now I like the sound of that,” Mark grinned, laying off the accelerator.

He glanced over at her through the corner of his eye and couldn’t help but get instantly excited. She looked extremely sexy tonight in her referee costume, with her black boots up to her knees, tight black short-shorts that barely concealed her ass, and skin tight striped ref shirt that exposed plenty of cleavage. Top that off with a perfect face and straight black hair, and she was an easy “10” in any guy’s book. He still had a grin on his face from seeing all the guys’ jaws drop at the sight of her with him at the costume party.

“Ha, well Kayla isn’t answering her phone. I tried to call her like five times already. I can only imagine what she’s doing right now,” Brandi stated sarcastically as she closed her pink cell phone and placed it back in her purse.

Mark only responded by taking the open palm of one hand and slapping it against the side of his clenched fist.

“Oh stop it,” Brandi snickered, blowing a strand of hair from her eye.

“Well if she’s doing what we both think she is, just call back in about another two minutes, that’s all Chris needs anyway,” Mark joked.

Brandi didn’t bother commenting further; instead, she changed the subject. “It sucks my parents had to call right when things were getting good.”

“Yeah it’s kind of weird how everyone’s phone rang about the same time,” Mark stated thoughtfully as he slowed the car down to about 5 miles per hour.

“Yeah, this fucking town, I hate it here,” Brandi complained, clearly annoyed at the whole thought of being home so early on Halloween night.

“I got an idea,” Mark sneered as he got a devilish grin on his face and turned out his headlights.

“What the fuck you doing? It’s dark and foggy as shit out! You’ll wreck and I’ll never be allowed in a car with you again!”

“Relax babe, I know where I’m going. I’m thinking we can creep up to the house with no lights on so even if your parents are up, they won’t see we arrived and we can sneak off into that barn and maybe roll around in some hay.”

Brandi pondered his proposal for a few moments, and then, knowing exactly what was on his mind, winked at him and agreed.

Mark, overwhelmed with joy (and testosterone) managed to park the car right in front of her father’s truck with no light to guide him.

Had his headlights been on, they would have illuminated a pale white mask staring at them from the driver’s seat in the truck parked in front of them.

Michael never flinched; he only watched the couple intently as the boy chased the girl into the barn. After they disappeared inside, Michael slowly exited the vehicle and followed after them.

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