Meanwhile, back in Haddonfield, Madison decided she would return Sheriff Robinson’s phone call before doing anything else.

After about the third ring, a young, cheerful voice answered.

“Hey Sherry, it’s Madison, is your dad home?” Madison asked the little girl on the opposite end of the line.

Madison had been Sherry’s babysitter since she was three years old, and the two had grown very close over the past five years.

“Hey Madison!” Sherry practically yelled in excitement. “How are you? I miss you!”

“Aww, I miss you too, sweetie,” Madison responded as she heard Sheriff Robinson take the phone from her.

The rough, deep voice on the other end of the line belonged to Sheriff Donald Robinson. A tall, bald, older black man, Sheriff Robinson was the sort of man who reminded you of a giant grizzly bear. He was very intimidating, but at the same time, he was a very sensitive man who cared deeply for his family and friends.

“Hi Madison, I need to ask you a huge favor,” Don said, cutting straight to the point.

Before he even asked, Madison knew what he was going to say. This was the way he had asked her to come and baby-sit since she was first hired. It was always a ‘huge favor to ask.’

“Sure thing, Mr. Robinson, what time do you need me tonight?” Madison asked before he could get the question out.

“Madison, you know me too well,” Don replied with a chuckle. “But, actually, I’m going to need you for tomorrow night, for Halloween.”

At the sound of this, Madison’s stomach turned. “I’m sorry Don, but I have plans already,” she said sincerely.

“I will pay you triple what I normally do,” the Sheriff desperately insisted. “Please, just until I get off at 11. Sherry’s mother is out of town visiting her sick sister, and there’s no way a sheriff would be able to call off in this town on Halloween.”

“But Mr. Robinson, why would it be a problem? I thought this town was safe on Halloween?” Madison asked, sounding disappointed and a little bit worried.

“It is safe dear, but I had a man stop by my house a little bit ago that seems to believe otherwise. I’m getting ready to take him down to the station and get his story straight, but trust me, you have nothing to worry about,” Don answered sternly. “Now, I really do need you tomorrow, please help me out, I won’t be home too late and you can go out and do whatever you had planned afterwards.”

Madison had to think it over for a minute while she carefully considered helping them out. The Robinson’s house was directly across the street from Kayla’s, so she could just walk right over anytime she wanted if she got Sherry to bed early enough. Plus, if Mr. Robinson kept his promise, he’d be home around 11, so the night would still be early and she could still go to the party. And if not, she didn’t really give a damn. She didn’t want to go to the party in the first place, and she really needed to money, so it seemed like a win-win situation.

“Sure, Mr. Robinson, what time do you need me?” was Madison’s all-too-familiar reply.

Happy and thankful, Sheriff Don Robinson began to fill her in on all the details she needed to know. But what she didn’t know was that outside, a black car slowly crept past her house, crawling down the street well below the speed limit as it approached her house.

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