The black car outside came to a stop directly in front of Madison’s house. The driver, leaning away from the steering wheel, rolled down his window to get a better view. Inside, he saw the girl in the kitchen with her back to him talking on the phone, apparently the only one home.

It was a good thing the girl’s back was toward the window facing the street, because if she would have seen the man sitting in the driver’s seat, she probably would have screamed. The driver decided it would be now or never to make his move.

He pulled out a small shiny object from his black jeans and began dialing the number.

“Dude, what the fuck are you doing?” Eddie asked from the passenger’s seat.

“I need to talk to her man,” Tony responded from behind the wheel. He and Eddie were on their way to the mall to check out the new Halloween store, but Tony decided to make a detour past Madison’s house first.

“Will you put that shit away and let her go already!” Eddie stated, clearly annoyed. “I guarantee you she don’t want to talk to you.”

“You don’t know that,” Tony replied somberly, putting his cell phone away nonetheless.

“Yeah, but I do know we need to hurry the fuck up because I need to be at work in a couple of hours,” Eddie responded.

Tony just sighed and gave his ex-girlfriend a final glance, almost hoping she would turn around and spot him. She didn’t, so he turned up his stereo system and blasted G-Unit’s “Beg For Mercy” as his black Hyundai sped off down the road.

Madison had no idea he was even there.


Inside, Madison hung up the phone with Sheriff Robinson and finished writing down her instructions for tomorrow night. Glancing over at the clock, she noticed it was already going on 2 p.m., and if she didn’t hurry, Kayla would be knocking on the door wanting to leave right away.

Rushing along, she started to run upstairs when she heard someone drive past outside with their car system blaring and thumping its speakers. It instantly reminded her of Tony, and then for some crazy reason, she wondered if it was, in fact, Tony outside.

“Nah, probably just a coincidence,” Madison said depressingly as she stared at her phone. “Damn, I just wish he would call me already.”

Then, all of a sudden, the phone actually did ring, which startled Madison out of her daze as she answered it on the first ring.

“Damn, you expecting a call or something?” Kayla asked on the other end in her usual high-pitched voice.

“Uh, no, not really, what’s up?” Madison answered as she made her way to her room to get ready.

“Well you should be expecting a call from me,” Kayla responded. “Are you ready to go or what?”

“Yeah, of course I am,” Madison assured her as she tried to put make-up on with one hand.

“Right, of course you are. That’s why we’re outside in your driveway waiting. So, uh, I guess we’ll see you in like 10 seconds?” Kayla replied.

“I think you better give me 10 minutes,” Madison chuckled, knowing Kayla caught her in the lie. “And just who is ‘we’ anyways,” she continued, although she already knew the answer.

“Ha, I knew you wouldn’t be ready, and Chris is here with me because he needs to get a costume too,” Kayla informed her.

Madison wanted to reply with ‘I knew you two couldn’t be apart for more than two seconds’, but simply said, “That’s cool. I'll see you in a few.”

After hanging up the phone, she closed her bedroom door and put on her Korn CD, which was playing one of her favorite songs, “Did My Time.”

She hurried around the room as the chorus played: “I did my tiiiiiiiime...”

Which was ironic, because somewhere in town, Michael Myers had also done his time, and now he had come home again.

To kill.

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