“Sherry, now listen to me very carefully. I have to go downstairs so I can call your daddy, but in the meantime, I need you to find a very good hiding spot up here and don’t move or even make a noise until you hear from me, okay?” Madison explained as she whispered very quietly to the sheriff’s young daughter.

“But Madison, I’m scared and I don’t want you to leave,” Sherry urged, clutching her arm even tighter.

“I know honey, I’m scared too, but you got to be brave for me. There is a very bad man outside right now, and I need to call your dad so he can come arrest him. But in order to do that, I have to go downstairs to get my cell phone,” Madison continued while keeping her ears tuned in to downstairs, listening for anything at all that might be going on. She heard nothing.

“Okay, I can do that,” Sherry finally agreed as she shook her head firmly in belief of herself.

“Good girl, now go hide. I will be as quick as I possibly can,” Madison assured her, kissing her forehead as the little girl scampered off into the darkness.

Madison then took a deep breath before slowly beginning her descent down the stairs one step at a time.

With each step, her eyes moved rapidly for any sign of Michael Myers. Her mind racing, she searched through her memory to make sure she locked every window and door in the house. Satisfied that she had, her ears were still focused on any sound that might pinpoint Michael’s location outside. However, the only sounds she heard were of the wind blowing furiously through the leafless branches of the trees.

As she got near the bottom of the staircase, she could see more of the downstairs area. Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness, so she could just about see the entire living room. And sure enough, her cell phone was sitting right there on the coffee table, only about twenty-five feet away, its silver cover glistening in the moonlight.

Upon reaching the landing, she was pretty sure that the house was indeed secure, and was confident that Michael may have just given up and went elsewhere.

Despite that, she was still going to take every precaution necessary, so she got down on her belly and crawled toward the living room just in case Michael was indeed still outside watching her.

As she crawled across the floor, she felt a small draft of wind blow across her skin, but thought nothing of it; she was just so happy that her cell phone was now within arm’s reach. She could grab it and bolt right back upstairs with Sherry, and help would soon be on the way.

However, when she stood up and reached for it, a butcher’s knife came soaring down, narrowly missing the back of her head and shoulder as it crashed down into the coffee table, nicking the side of the cell phone and sending it flying across the room.

Madison screamed loudly as she barely escaped death, and Michael Myers stood directly behind her trying to quickly pull the knife free from the table.

Acting on pure instinct, Madison lunged away before he could grab her with his free hand. Then, ripping a lamp off of a nearby stand, she smashed it over Michael’s head, sending him crashing to the ground with a thud.

Madison could only stare in disbelief at the scene. Michael was motionless on the ground and no longer breathing, but she knew that meant nothing. She looked at the knife, which was still plunged into the table, then at her cell phone lying on the floor nearby, then back at the knife again. Carefully weighing the options of grabbing the knife and finishing the job or calling for help, she decided it would be best to call for help first.

A choice she would regret with her life.

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