Madison flipped open her cell phone and immediately dialed 911. As she waited for the call to go through, she never once took her eyes off of the motionless body of Michael Myers.

It appeared as though he wasn’t breathing because Madison did not see his chest rise or fall, but she knew that meant nothing. She had let her guard down once already, and she would not do it again.

“911, what is your emergency?” the operator asked from the other end of the line.

“This is Madison Mauberry, I’m calling from Donald Robinson’s house on Lampkin Lane,” Madison panted as a huge rush of relief came over her, knowing help would soon be on the way. However, before she could finish her first sentence, she watched Michael Myers sit straight up, and slowly turned his head and looked directly at her.

Madison let out a blood-curdling scream as Michael got to his feet. She quickly yelled something about Michael Myers and the word help into the receiver of the phone before it fell out of her trembling hands.

She faintly heard the operator’s voice on the other end frantically asking if everything was okay. Her brain seemed to be racing at a million miles per hour as she searched for any possible way out of dodge, but she came up empty.

Her only choice was to dart past him as fast as possible and run outside. Her chances were slim, but she knew it was her only option. She had to get Michael out of the house and away from Sherry.

Michael made no sudden movements toward her; he only stood motionless, watching her through his evil black eyes.

Madison was ready to make her move, but then Sherry darted half way down the steps before suddenly stopping and screaming.

“Sherry, no!” Madison screamed, but it would do no good.

Michael turned and tilted his head, alerted to her presence in the house.

“Run Sherry, get help!” Madison shouted as Michael looked back and forth between the two.

“Madison, the boogeyman...” Sherry started to say, but Madison cut her off with another firm order to run for help.

This time Sherry obeyed and made a bee-line for the front door but fumbled with the lock.

Noticing that, Michael began to move toward her and was inches from grabbing her before Madison jumped on his back and wrapped her legs around his mid-section, punching and clawing at the back of his head.

A grunt of pain escaped Michael’s throat as he tried to shake her off, but Madison wouldn’t budge.

A moment later, Sherry succeeded in unlocking the door and disappeared into the dark night screaming.

Madison was relieved to see the little girl escape and for only a moment, she loosened the grip of her legs.

But that moment was just enough for Michael, who took advantage of the opportunity, tossing her off his back and against the wall like a rag-doll.

Madison knocked her head off the wall and fell to the ground, dazed and disoriented, as Michael admired his handiwork.

The Shape then reached down, retrieved his butcher knife with ease, and closed in on Madison with the knife raised high in the air, ready to make the final kill.

However, a split second before he brought the knife down, a gunshot echoed through the room and a bullet struck Michael square in the chest.

“Tony!” Madison gasped as she scrambled toward him on her hands and knees. Tony was hunched over, his left arm clutching his ribs, and the entire left side of his face was either burned or covered in blood. The pistol he held outstretched in his right arm was trembling badly as he could barely stand on his own two feet.

Michael stood back up, and Madison screamed and ducked out of the way as Tony let two more rounds fly at point black range, missing with one, but connecting with the other, striking Michael in the chest and sending him sprawling backward into the dark kitchen.

Madison hid behind Tony, almost propping him up with her arm on his shoulder. “You can’t kill him,” she whispered into his ear as they both strained their eyes to see into the dark abyss of the kitchen. However, all they could see was the white mask of Michael Myers, very faintly looking directly at them.

“I know,” Tony groaned, almost coughing up a lung as he continued to stare at the motionless shape on the floor.

Then, without warning, Michael sat up once again, turning and glaring evilly at both of them, almost daring them to bring more.

And Tony did just that, firing three more shots at him, connecting with two. The first shot ricocheted off of the refrigerator, but the last two caught Michael dead on in the chest and abdomen, knocking him back down to the ground from his sit-up position.

Tony continued to pull the trigger, but the weapon clicked on empty over and over as they heard the sweetest sound of the night outside: sirens approaching in the distance.

“Let’s go before it’s too late!” Madison urged, gently tugging on his sleeve.

“But he’s still alive!” Tony replied, still clicking the gun on empty, hoping somehow it would fire more.

“Now!” Madison ordered, practically dragging him out the front door.

The two of them then stumbled out into the front yard just as a group of squad cars came to a screeching halt in front of the house, completely ensuring their safety.

Or so they thought.

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