As Sheriff Robinson made his way through the halls of Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, he was greeted by the faces of fright, despair, and confusion amongst the nurses and orderlies. He tried to not make eye contact with any of them, but found it nearly impossible, so he greeted each new face with a silent nod and attempted to keep a confident look on his face.

However, it was almost as if he was feeding off of their fears, because with each look, he felt more anger and hatred build up inside, making him want to capture or kill Michael Myers that much more.

As he came closer to the room that held Dr. Loomis, a young blonde nurse who, according to her nametag, was Marissa Jones, suddenly confronted him.

“Excuse me sir, what’s going on? We saw the message on T.V. a little bit ago and quite honestly we’re scared as hell. Everyone knows what this town is famous for and everyone who works in this hospital knows its history and we just don’t know what to do and we’re so scared. What should we do?” the young nurse clamored rapidly without seeming to take a breath or pause between sentences.

“Calm down. I understand you have reason to be afraid, but rest assured that the police force is doing everything necessary to handle the situation and everything will return to normal soon,” the sheriff calmly stated in his deep voice, noticing an audience gathering around him like it was a press conference.

“It’s him, isn’t it?” a young brunette nurse asked nearby. “It’s Michael Myers.”

“Come on now, Katie, I told you to stop talking crazy like that, it’s probably something really stupid, right?” a tall, lanky ambulance driver said as he took the nurse named Katie in his arms and asked the Sheriff for reassurance.

“I assure you the situation is under control,” the sheriff stated, blatantly lying for the first time in his life. There was already one homicide on his hands tonight, and he sure didn’t need anymore. Then his thoughts immediately shifted to his daughter Sherry. Hoping everything was okay with her and Madison, Robinson decided he would feel a lot safer if she was by his side, so as soon as he left the hospital, he would go pick her up and bring her to the station.

“It is Michael Myers,” a man in a long trench coat surprisingly said as he exited a room nearby, surprising both the hospital staff and Sheriff Robinson.

“Loomis...” Sheriff Robinson gasped, shocked that he was up and ready to leave already and angry because he had just blown the whistle on their covert operation.

Loomis’s comments shocked the staff. A chorus of “Oh my god,” was heard among them, along with a few sobs and cries of terror.

“Dr. Loomis, you’re not supposed to be out of bed yet,” Mandy, his current nurse, exclaimed as she rushed to aid him back to his room.

“I told you I am fine and there’s nothing anyone in this world could do to keep me here tonight...not tonight,” Loomis insisted, calm but stern.

“It’s okay, nurse, I’m ordering his release,” Sheriff Robinson informed them.

Mandy just stared blankly at them both, her eyes filled with fear. Then, perhaps speaking for the entire group, asked, “What should we do?”

“You will do nothing different, just don’t leave the hospital. The sheriff and I will inform the security guards of the information and all doors will remain locked except in case of an emergency. There are sick people here that need your care. It would be in your best interest to keep this situation on a strictly need-to-know basis so you don’t cause panic among the patients,” Dr. Loomis explained to the crowd of nurses and orderlies in a very calm and authoritative voice.

“I’m not going to lie to you anymore and I apologize for misleading you, but I felt it was in your best interest not to know the full details of what is transpiring tonight.”

“Keep watching the television and radio reports and I will keep them updated as frequently as possible,” Sheriff Robinson told Mandy.

“Now, if you would excuse us, the sheriff and I have very important business to attend to,” Dr. Loomis stated, tying his trench coat shut.

And with that, Dr. Loomis and Sheriff Robinson exited the large set of double doors without saying another word, leaving the hospital staff in stunned silence.

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