At the same time, back in the basement, Tony heard her screams of terror just as he flicked the light switch on. What he found was just as horrifying. Because as he turned the light on, he wasn’t greeted by a bright light at all. He was greeted by the body of Chris, which was hanging from the light socket. Mangled beyond recognition, Tony only recognized him because of his Tarzan outfit, which had also been partially singed.

The light that was produced was a very somber, flesh-toned light, as it radiated through Chris’s face, or what was left of it, and sparks flew all across the room.

Screaming nearly as loud as Madison, Tony made a run for the steps, but standing there blocking his path was Michael Myers, butcher knife in hand.

“Holy shit, Tim! What the fuck!” Tony yelled, but he soon came to realize that the man standing there was not his friend at all. He tried to scream again, but his vocal cords were strangled by The Shape, who grabbed him by the collar and threw him against the wall with a sickening thud. As Tony hit the wall, his face side-swiped the steaming hot pipe nearby, the very same pipe that had cost Chris his life earlier.

Tony let out a yelp that sounded more like a sick dog, then was motionless on the ground as Michael Myers tilted his head sideways, almost admiring his handiwork.

At the same time, Madison screamed again upstairs, and Michael heard a series of “thump, thump, thump, thump” sounds as she ran down the stairs and bolted toward the front door. Turning his head toward the staircase, he began to climb toward the foyer.

When Madison reached the door, she screamed even louder, because there before her, pinned up to the door, was the body of Eddie, eyes bugging out of his head, blue in the face. Still in his Darth Vader outfit minus the helmet, he was almost staring at her, as if to ask for help.

“Oh my god!” she yelled, running back into the foyer and toward the side door. However, just as she passed the basement door, Michael Myers emerged, stabbing her in the arm with a deadly swipe of his butcher’s knife. Screaming even louder as she hit the floor, Madison’s eyes widened with horror when she realized just who was chasing her. Clutching her wounded arm, she frantically went the only direction she could think of, and that was through the kitchen toward the side door, hoping to find it open. However, much to her dismay, it was locked.

“Come on, come on!” she panted, furiously wrenching at the doorknob with Michael right on her heels. Slowly stalking her through the foyer and into the kitchen, The Shape just entered the kitchen when Madison finally managed to break the tiny hinge on the door and threw it open.

Screaming at the top of her lungs, Madison ran down the driveway and into the front yard, tripping and falling on the front lawn. Looking back, all she could see was that pale, white face, relentless in his pursuit as he got dangerously close to her.

Madison staggered back across the street toward the Robinson house, where she easily entered. Thank god I left that unlocked, she thought as she ran to each window and locked them, then around to the back door, where she secured it tight with the dead bolt.

Carelessly sifting through the Robinson’s cutlery drawer, she found herself a butcher’s knife equal to that of Michael’s, and grasped it tightly as she went back to guard the front door.

Just as she did that, a noise directly behind her startled her, and she flipped around, pointing the knife at whoever it was.

It was Sherry.

“Madison, what’s going on?” she asked, rubbing her eyes. “Oh no, are you hurt?!”

“Sherry, listen to me, I need you to get on the phone and call your dad,” Madison panted, breathing heavily as a mixture of sweat and blood trickled down her arm. “We need him here right away.”

“Is it the boogeyman?” the young girl asked.

“YES!” Madison screamed. “Now hurry, please!”

Sherry wasted no time in grabbing the phone and dialing 911, something her dad had taught her a long time ago. However, as she hit the numbers, she realized that there was no dial tone. Worried, Sherry tried to dial over and over, but got only silence on the other end. “Madison, the phone doesn’t work!” she cried.

Madison, who had been running around frantically trying to lock as many windows and doors as possible, only briefly registered this comment in her head when she heard the front doorknob being turned from the outside, followed by loud poundings on the door.

She didn’t have to think twice to know who was out there.

“Sherry, upstairs quick!” Madison ordered in a high whisper as she practically chased little Sherry up the stairs.

Once they reached the top, Sherry took off quickly into her bedroom, with Madison close behind, noticing the pounding on the door had ceased.

“Madison, what is going on?” Sherry asked in a quiet whimper.

Madison didn’t reply. She only put a finger to her mouth in a quiet motion as she listened intently for any sound of Michael Myers outside.

Then every light in the house went out, and total darkness enveloped them.

Sherry gasped and Madison held her tightly as they cowered behind a large bookshelf.

Fearing the worst, Madison tried to think of any possible way to get out. After running a few impossible scenarios through her head, she remembered her cell phone and began frantically slapping her jean pockets trying to remember which pocket she kept it in. Once she slapped and felt each pocket about three times, she realized that she had left her phone down on the living room coffee table.

She would have to go downstairs to call for help.

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