“Oh my god, Chris, that was wonderful,” Kayla gasped as she lay in her bed naked against him.

“I know, baby,” Chris replied proudly as he produced a pack of cigarettes from her nearby nightstand and handed her one.

Right before all of the partygoers got their important cell phone call to get home, both Kayla and Chris had managed to sneak upstairs to her bedroom to have sex without anybody noticing.

“Let’s do it again!” Kayla gleamed excitedly after taking only two drags from her Newport.

“What do you think I am, a machine? I need a little bit to recoup, and I definitely need another beer,” Chris answered, not seeming too thrilled with his girlfriend’s request, at least not just yet.

“Pshh, fine,” Kayla sighed, clearly disappointed as she rolled over away from him and took another drag of her cigarette.

“Babe, get me a beer,” Chris requested, not letting her disappointment bother him.

“Ha! Yeah right, you better get your ass out of bed and get your own damn beer,” Kayla answered with a small smirk on her face.

Chris thought about arguing with her for a few moments, but decided he couldn’t win anyway, so he rolled out of bed, tripped over a pair of pants, and struggled to slide his leopard skin Tarzan shorts back on.

“It doesn’t sound too lively down there, does it?” Chris asked, confused.

Kayla just shrugged and replied with, “I still hear the damn bass of the music vibrating the walls, so um no, I don’t think so.”

Chris just shrugged his shoulders in agreement and walked over to the window to see if anything was happening outside. When he got to the window, he saw Tim walking out of the laundry room in the backyard.

“Hey babe, Tim’s finally here,” Chris informed her as he opened the window.

“Yeah, so what? Will you hurry up and get back here so we can do it again?” Kayla insisted, now sounding pissed off that Chris was still in the room. However, Chris didn’t seem to hear her because his head was already out the window yelling at Tim.

“Hey you fucker, it’s about time you got here! Get a beer!” Chris shouted, still sounding a little intoxicated.

However, ‘Tim’ didn’t respond. Michael Myers only cocked his head to one side and looked back up at Chris for a moment before turning around and entering the house through the back door.


When Chris got downstairs, he was surprised to see absolutely no one was there. He thought about yelling up and telling Kayla that he was right, but then thought better of it. Besides, the music was still blasting down in the basement, so that meant at least some people were probably still there.

Making his way through the living room, he entered the kitchen and opened the fridge, hoping to find some beer left. When he opened it, he was surprised to see that a lot of the party’s beer supply was still there. Confused, Chris cracked open a can of Miller Lite, took one swig, and almost threw up.

“Yeah, it’s definitely time to call it quits,” Chris said aloud as he held back his urge and put the can back in the fridge.

He thought about running back upstairs, but figured he better go down in the basement and say ‘what’s up’ to Tim because, knowing him, he’d probably walk right into Kayla’s bedroom just to say he’s here at the most inappropriate moment.

So, wanting to avoid that hassle, he proceeded down the basement stairs. The strobe lights were still flashing, the blacklights still glowing, and the DJ’s table was still playing music, but it seemed a little too quiet. Chris immediately recognized the song as DMX’s “Tales From the Darkside” as he glanced around the room looking for whoever remained.

However, he soon discovered through his drunken daze that there was no one down there at all.

“What the fuck is going on?” Chris said as he squinted his eyes, struggling to see anything in the room. But, much to his dismay, all he could see were the lit jack-o-lanterns when the strobe lights flashed past them for a quick second.

Chris made it to the middle of the dance floor before he realized that something wasn’t right with this picture.

Why would the music still be playing with no one here, not even the DJ? He thought to himself.

Then he saw Tim’s white mask glowing underneath a blacklight at the far end of the room and was instantly relieved that someone was still there after all.

“Tim, man, where the hell did everybody go?” Chris asked.

He got no response; it just seemed as though the mask moved closer and closer with every flash of the strobe light.

“Tim?” Chris asked, once again confused.

Michael Myers didn’t respond. He just continued toward him.

A moment later, he grabbed Chris by the throat and threw him against the wall with one hand.

Banging against the wall with a thud, Chris suddenly realized that this man was not Tim. There was no way Tim was that strong to just toss him around like a rag doll. But Chris didn’t have another moment to ponder who this man might be because Michael Myers had him in his clutches once again.

Chris tried to swing, but missed and Michael grabbed him by the throat again and lifted him off his feet with both hands, choking him.

Michael carried Chris by his throat back closer toward the wall and pushed the side of his face against a hot water pipe, the same hot water pipe that Chris had burned his hand on earlier.

Chris tried to scream but nothing could come out. Michael just continued to press his face harder against the scalding hot pipe.

The skin on Chris’ face began to sizzle and melt off. Michael pulled him away for only a second before smashing his skull against the nearby concrete wall, killing him instantly. Michael then threw his lifeless body onto the DJ’s table, causing the music to grind to a halt.

The Shape just stared at his newest victim before slowly ascending the stairs one-by-one into the kitchen. There, he found his infamous butcher’s knife, and quietly continued up toward Kayla’s room.

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