The party had been going strong for a few good hours, and everyone was laughing and drinking and having a great time. From dancing to the loud beats of the DJ to bobbing for apples and doing a very bad limbo, all the partiers seemed to be having a blast.

But then, after an hour or two, the drinking got out of control, a couple of the kegs got kicked, and a few people decided to leave. Some left to go find a cheap hotel room, while others left simply because their friends were just too wasted and were getting sick. However, despite all that, the party kept on going. There were fewer and fewer people on the dance floor as time went on, and the line to the bathroom gradually decreased throughout the evening. The host of the party had managed to sneak upstairs to her bedroom with Chris without too many people noticing, and Eddie had managed to talk the two girls he met into going out back into Kayla’s laundry room.

Standing up against the wall of the outdoor laundry room, Eddie patiently waited for 'Ashlee' and 'Jessica' to return from the bathroom. It was during this time that the Sheriff’s urgent warning blared loudly on every radio and TV station in the Haddonfield area, instantly triggering everyone’s cell phone simultaneously. It was, no doubt, everyone’s parents, urging them to rush home as quickly as possible.

“Hey, where the fuck’s everyone going?” Eddie asked aloud as he watched everyone scatter quickly to their cars and peel out.

Eddie continued to watch this bizarre scene unfold, still trying to figure out in his mind what could have possibly gone wrong now. The most logical explanation was that Tim had shown up drunk and tried fighting everyone again, but that alone wouldn’t be enough of a reason for the whole damn party to run out like that.

“Those damn bitches better not be leaving!” Eddie shouted as the cars quickly began to disappear one-by-one.

Then, as if in answer to his question, he saw his two prized girls scampering into a nearby car and taking off without even looking back when Eddie called out to them. “Fuck!” he yelled, and one minute later, the entire party had left and was over.

Shocked, Eddie just stared out into the night as the cloud of dust the cars had made slowly began to fade.

“Fuck!” Eddie screamed again, beating a nearby bush with his red replica light saber. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Eddie kept repeating in fury, realizing something got fucked up inside and ruined his life’s dream of having a three-some with two hot girls he’d never even met before in his life.

He was still beating on the bush in disgust when he heard a noise from inside the laundry room. “Who’s there?” Eddie asked as he tried to peer inside the dirty windows.

There was no response.

Eddie gave a final puzzled look before he turned and started to head back toward the house to find out what happened.

Then he heard something break inside the laundry room.

Startled, Eddie quickly turned around and raised his plastic light saber in defense.

“Tony, is that you, man? Quit fucking around, come on, something happened inside.” Eddie called out, trying to remain calm.

Once again, he got no response.

“Come on, seriously, something happened inside, everyone left,” Eddie said again as he opened the door and peered inside.

Nothing was out of the ordinary in the laundry room. There was only a beat up washer and dryer in the corner, a rack with detergents, and a clothesline with various shirts and jeans that had been hung up to dry recently.

Eddie continued to walk into the room hunched over as if on the prowl, looking ridiculous with his full Darth Vader costume on; except for his mask that he discarded outside, and his toy light saber, which he held out in front of him as if it was going to do any harm to an intruder.

Back outside, a car drove quickly down the street with its headlights briefly illuminating the small dark room. If Eddie had turned his head at that moment, he would have seen the powder white mask of Michael Myers, who was standing in the corner glaring at him.

Eddie thought for sure that one of his friends were fucking around and hiding in the back corner behind an old unused book shelf, so he charged around the corner in hopes of scaring them away. However, when he jumped around to the other side of the shelf, there was no one there, only a bunch of dust and an old mousetrap.

Scared, Eddie let out a loud sigh of relief when he found no one there. “Fuck this, I’m going home,” Eddie said aloud as he shook his head, still staring at the empty corner.

At that same instant, he was met by Michael Myers, who quickly wrapped his hands around Eddie’s throat and began to strangle him.

At first, Eddie only stared puzzled, wondering why Tim was fucking around with him so much. He tried to say “Stop it, I can’t breathe,” but when he couldn’t even get one word out, he realized this man wasn’t Tim. In fact, this wasn’t even a man at all.

Eddie began to struggle furiously, trying to kick and punch at the shape, but it was to no avail. The last thing Eddie saw before his larynx was crushed was the black eyes of the shape, staring back into his own. Then the last breath of air left his lungs, and his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

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