1. Sonny Piati- Found dead in ambulance
2. Club Patron #1- Throat slit
3. Club Patron #2- Throat slit
4. Club Patron #3- Throat slit
5. Boyd Bonham- Broken pool cue through throat and out neck
6. Alby Shantz- Strangled with string of Halloween lights
7. Duke- Icepick in the head
8. Cherry- Pinned to door with butcher knife
9. Madison Mauberry- Head bashed against wall, throat slit
10. Logan Dean- Strangled, throat slit
11. Marvin Simpson- Head smashed with croquet mallet repeatedly
12. Coraline Piati- Found beheaded with her head atop a light pole
13. Maggie Temple- Found beheaded with her head atop a light pole
14. Mayor Andrews- Found beheaded with her head atop a light pole
15. Connor Lowe- Found with knife in his head
16. Dayna Jordan- Face sliced off and sickle through chin and out head
17. Seth White- Found beheaded at rave
18. Blaine Babcock- Found beheaded at rave
19. Julie Marks- Found beheaded at rave
20. DJ Drake- Strangled, electrocuted to death
21. Wade Robertson- Impaled by switch
22. Diane Moulson- Knifed in back, lifted off ground
23. Deputy Forster- Throat slit from ear to ear
24. Bradley Kemp- Accidentally shot by Caleb
25. Orrin Chambers- Gutted with knife, hung from tree
26. Brian Bonham- Gutted with knife, hung from tree
27. Caleb Wilkes- Knifed in stomach
28. Brandon Farson- Knifed in throat
29. Sheriff Barnes- Knifed in stomach, eyes gouged out
30. Dr. John Loomis- Head smashed off tombstone, knifed to death
31. Michael Myers- Knifed in back and out chest, shotgun blast to head

*NOTE: There were several other unidentified murders at the festival, including some beheaded and placed on top of a light pole, and others strewn about the festival grounds. Plus, many teens were trampled under the stampede at the high school rave when Michael arrived and everyone tried to escape at the same time.

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