1. Officer Blackie– Knifed through back of the neck
2. Officer Truscott- Knifed in stomach, neck snapped
3. Officer Kirsch- Neck sliced ear to ear
4. Officer Hine- Knifed in the forehead
5. Officer Pritt– Strangled to death
6. Officer Weber- Head bludgeoned with large rock
7. Sheriff Robinson– Knifed in the back
8. Jerry- Knifed through stomach, pinned to door
9. Connie- Head engulfed in flames from stove burner
10. Mark- Pick-axe through back of the head
11. Brandi- Disemboweled with machete
12. Nurse Mandy- Skull crushed against toilet
13. Duke- Electrocuted with taser gun
14. D.J.- Head split in two with fire ax
15. Nurse Marissa- Hung from a steam-pipe offscreen
16. Dr. Kennedy– Head smashed into aquarium, broken glass shards through neck
17. Nurse Katie- Axed from shoulder down through chest
18. Tony- Body chopped to pieces by helicopter propellers
19. Barry- Burned to death and electrocuted in helicopter crash

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