John & Cody Carpenter & Daniel Davies- Halloween 2018 Theme
John & Cody Carpenter & Daniel Davies- Laurie's Theme
John & Cody Carpenter & Daniel Davies- The Shape Hunts Allyson
John & Cody Carpenter & Daniel Davies- Ray's Goodbye
Heavy Young Heathens- Close To Me



1. Intro
2. Halloween Theme
3. Laurie's Theme
4. Prison Montage
5. Michael Kills
6. Michael Kills Again
7. The Shape Returns
8. The Boogeyman
9. The Shape Kills
10. Laurie Sees The Shape
11. Wrought Iron Fence
12. The Shape Hunts Allyson
13. Allyson Discovered
14. Say Something
15. Ray's Goodbye
16. The Shape Is Monumental
17. The Shape And Laurie Fight
18. The Grind
19. Trap The Shape
20. The Shape Burns
21. Halloween Triumphant


1. Intro
2. Aaron Meets Michael
3. Halloween Theme
4. Laurie’s Theme
5. Aaron and Dana Enter Laurie's Compound
6. Laurie's Past
7. Prison Montage
8. Laurie Breaks Down
9. Karen's Flashback
10. Lumpy Explores Crash
11. Michael Kills
12. Hawkins Arrives At Crash Site
13. Dana's In The Shower
14. The Story Of Judith's Death
15. The Gas Station
16. Michael Kills Again
17. Gas Station Aftermath
18. The Shape Returns
19. The Boogeyman
20. The Shape Kills
21. Hawkins Called To Babysitter's House
22. Laurie Sees The Shape
23. Babysitter Aftermath
24. Sartain Meets Laurie
25. Looking For Allyson
26. Wrought Iron Fence
27. The Shape Hunts Allyson
28. Talking To Cops
29. Allyson Discovered
30. Gun Closet
31. Halloween Theme (I've Got Eyes)
32. Sartain's Gone Mad
33. Say Something
34. Through The Woods
35. Ray's Goodbye
36. The Shape Attacks Laurie
37. The Shape Is Monumental
38. Searching For The Shape
39. Mannequin Panic
40. Death Drum
41. The Shape And Laurie Fight
42. The Grind
43. Trap The Shape
44. The Shape Burns
45. Halloween Triumphant

The Morrie Morrison Orchestra- Tonight In The Moonlight
Huey Lewis & The News- The Power Of Love

Score Composed & Performed By- John Carpenter,
Cody Carpenter And Daniel Davies

"Tonight In The Moonlight"
Written By Howell Oakdeane 'Morrie' Morrison
Performed By The Morrie Morrison Orchestra
From The Album "Vintage Masters: Post WW1 Gramophone Era"
Courtesy Of Columbia Records
Courtesy Of Fervor Records

"Dragon Shark"
Written & Performed By Joseph Stephens
Published By Lincoln County Transmissions

"Close To Me"
Written By John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis
Aron Michael Marderosian And Robert J. Marderosian
Performed By Heavy Young Heathens
Courtesy Of Twelvesixty, LLC
By Arrangement With Jack-O-Lantern Music Publishing Inc.

"The Power Of Love"
Written By John Victor Colla, Christopher John Hayes
And Huey Lewis
Performed By Huey Lewis & The News
Produced By Huey Lewis & The News
From The Soundtrack Album "Back To The Future"
Courtesy Of Geffen Records

"Burn This City"
Written By Danielle Parente And Julian Pollack
Performed By Danielle Parente
Courtesy Of Gravelpit Music

"Opens Trunk"
Written By Tito Larriva And Steven Michael Hufsteter
Courtesy Of Universal Pictures

"I Don't Play (The Gunnery Remix)"
Written By Graham Knoxx And Jonathan Michael Brown
Performed By Kiki Mandoa
Courtesy Of Lip Sync Music, Inc.

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