1. During the scene where Norma is leaving, she stands in front the same car used in Psycho in 1960. The music playing in the background at this part is also from Psycho. Janet Leigh, who plays Norma and is the mother of Jamie Lee Curtis, played Marion in Psycho.

2. Charles S. Dutton originally had a small role in the film as a detective, but his part was removed as script rewrites were done.

3. On the television in the girls' room, a clip from Scream 2 is showing, reciprocating numerous Halloween references and clips in the original Scream.

4. According to this movie, all the Halloween movies after 'Halloween II' (1981) never took place. The producers decided to concentrate on Laurie's character instead of trying to tie up the plot points from the previous three four films.

5. When Jamie Lee Curtis' character says, "go down the street to the Beckers," this was supposed to refer to the line from Halloween, "go down the street to the McKenzie's house." The name was changed to Becker, which was the last name of Drew Barrymore's character in 'Scream' (1996).

6. In certain scenes, Michael can be seen wearing two different masks. The director decided well into production to go with a different mask, so certain scenes were re-shot. Some scenes with the original mask can still be seen, and in one shot, it even had to be altered with CGI to replace Michael's old mask with the new one.

7. Jamie Lee Curtis was said to come up with the idea of doing a "Halloween: 20 Years Later" movie and pushed for it to be made.

8. According to H6 writer Daniel Farrands, who wrote an early draft of the film, there was originally a scene scripted and supposedly filmed where a student in Laurie's class does a report on a book called "The Halloween Murders", in an effort to tie all the movies together. This was dropped, however, when it was decided by the director and producers to ignore Halloween 3-6 to concentrate more on the Laurie Strode aspect of the storyline.

9. Marion Whittington was originally supposed to survive in the pre-credits sequence, and Ronny was to die. However, sensing audience appeal toward the latter character, the situation was switched and Marion was killed off. This was not received well by fans worldwide.

10. The original soundtrack was written by John Ottman. Much of it was cut, modified, or replaced with music written by Marco Beltrami for the movies 'Scream' (1996) and 'Mimic' (1997).

11. This is the only Michael Myers film from the Halloween series not set in Haddonfield.

12. In the opening credits, we see the name "Jimmy" then the name of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the actor playing Jimmy. Jimmy was killed even before the opening credits began.

13. The original treatment for 'H20' by Kevin Williamson was much more sparse on character detail and had a radically different ending. In the place of Nancy Stephens' character of Marion Whittington in the trademark Williamson opener, a new character was originally to be created, Rachel Loomis, apparently Dr. Sam Loomis' daughter, who would have the computer files on Laurie Strode/Keri Tate on her home computer. Rachel would come home to discover her computer on, and would swiftly be dispatched by the Shape. Also, in the climax of the treatment, there is a massive helicopter and bus chase sequence, culminating in the downed helicopter spinning out of control and decapitating the Shape with its out of control rotor a la 'Mission: Impossible'.

14. P.J. Soles was originally approached for the role of Keri Tate's/Laurie Strode's secretary. Soles never gave a straight answer as to what she wanted to do, skeptical about returning to the series as someone completely different then her character Lynda, originally killed off in 'Halloween'. She eventually lost the role to Jamie Lee Curtis's mother, Janet Leigh, who was approached after not getting an answer from Soles.

15. Kevin Williamson was originally hired to write the script and was said to have actually finished a draft or two with the input of Jamie Lee Curtis. Williamson's script was eventually not used, but a treatment he wrote for the movie is said to be a heavy basis for the final, filmed version.

16. The teenagers at the beginning are watching 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' (1959).

17. LL Cool J's line, "Comb your hair!" was ad-libbed, inspired by Josh Hartnett's messy haircut.

18. Originally, director Steve Miner wanted Jerry Goldsmith to score the film, having already worked with him on 'Warlock' (1989) and 'Forever Young' (1992).

19. This film marked the feature film debut of Josh Hartnett.

20. One of the masks used from 'Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers' (1995), was used for the first scene appearance of Michael Myers.

21. Moustapha Akkad said that the killer in 'H20' was not actually Michael Myers, but in fact a copycat killer, and that this would be explained in the next 'Halloween' movie. The idea was dropped for 'Halloween: Resurrection' (2002), which explained the reappearance of Michael Myers by revealing that he had traded places with a paramedic at the end of 'H20', who had then been mistaken for Michael, and was subsequently beheaded by Laurie.

22. There was at one time a plan for Michael Myers to speak a single line at the end of the movie. He was to have said "Laurie" just before being beheaded by Jamie Lee Curtis. This idea was dropped from the final script.

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