1. There are many name tributes in Part 6. First off, Debra Strode was named after Debra Hill, John Strode was named after John Carpenter, and Tim Strode was named after the writer's brother. Also, Barry Simms is named after Bob Simms (Lynda's boyfriend from the original), Billy Hill is named after Debra Hill and Jamie Lloyd is named after Jamie Lee Curtis.

2. A. Michael Lerner played Michael for the final 15 minutes of the Theatrical Cut of 'Halloween 6'.

3. In 'Halloween 6', when Michael Myers chases the doctor down the hall of red lights, the actor portraying Michael then (A. Michael Lerner) is actually chasing his real-life father (Fred Lerner).

4. Stephen's name in the original drafts of 'Halloween 6' was Kyle, named after after Kyle Richards, who played Lindsey in the original.

5. The name of Barry Simms' radio station was WKNB. The 'KNB' was in reference to the 'KNB boys', who did the FX in 'Halloween 5'.

6. Wendy Benson auditioned for the role of Kara. Since auditioning, Wendy went on to co-star as Shannon Amberson in 'Wishmaster'.

7. Michael Worth auditioned for the role of Tommy. Since auditioning, Michael went on to audition for the role of Robin in 'Batman Forever'. He was the second choice to play Robin-- behind Chris O'Donnell, who went on to win the role.

8. James Parks also auditioned for the role of Tommy. Since his audition, James went on to co-star recently in the TV movies, 'House Of Frankenstein' and 'Rough Riders', as well as an episode of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'.

9. Another guy who auditioned for the role of Tommy was Christopher Daniel Barnes, who went on to play Greg Brady in 'The Brady Bunch Movie', and 'A Very Brady Sequel'.

10. Other auditions for the role Beth included Renee Alman and Denise Richards. Since auditioning, Denise played Carmen Ibanez in 'Starship Troopers', and starred in 'Wild Things' alongside Neve Campbell.

11. P.J. Soles (Lynda from the original) wanted to play the secretary, but was not cast.

12. Danielle Harris wanted to play Jamie Lloyd again, but Dimension Films would not pay her the $5,000 she wanted.

13. Howard Stern was asked to play the role of Barry Simms (originally named Harry Simms -- initials H.S. like Howard Stern), but he ended up declining because his own movie, 'Private Parts' was beginning to film around that time.

14. The name of Mrs. Blankenship is a reference to 'Halloween III' (1982), in which Ellie says her father had an appointment with Minnie Blankenship.

15. There is an alternate kill in the film, where Michael disembowels Dr. Wynn when he goes on his rampage at the Sanitarium. This was cut to set up the final ending of the film.

16. In the original draft of the movie, when John came home from work, he turned on the TV and the scene of the boy dying from the mask in 'Halloween III' (1982) was shown.

17. There were 11 different drafts of the script.

18. The original conception of the Thorn cult apparently was much more in the vein of Roman Polanski's vision of the Satanists in 'Rosemary's Baby' (1968), more mundane and real-life, as opposed to what Daniel Farrands has called the 'Temple Of Doom' version in the final film, with underground lairs, altars, and robes and hoods.

19. The original director was to be Fred Walton, who directed the original 'When A Stranger Calls' (1979).

20. The producers of the movie wanted Brian Andrews to reprise his role as Tommy Doyle from the original 'Halloween'. However, Andrews did not have an agent, so they could not get in contact with him. He regrets missing the opportunity.

21. Joe Chappelle wrote the ending for the theatrical version of the film.

22. Many of Donald Pleasence's scenes were edited out of the film because Joe Chappelle found him "boring".

23. As a result of Donald Pleasence's death, as well as creative differences between Joe Chappelle and the producer, and an allegedly bad test screening of the original work (the famous Producer's Cut), re-shoots were done as well as lots of editing, to the anger of most of the cast and crew. Many vowed never to make another Halloween movie again after all the changes.

24. At one time Scott Spiegel was going to direct and his friend Quentin Tarantino produce.

25. This was Donald Pleasance's final film.

26. The movie that Mrs. Blankenship is watching is 'The Phantom Of The Opera' (1925).

27. According to Marianne Hagan, she almost did not receive the leading role of Kara Strode. Miramax Films purportedly did not like her physical appearance, deeming her "too thin", and her chin "too pointy".

28. Daniel Farrands' original script was far more moody and psychological than the final draft. After reading the script, one of the execs at Dimension films could not sleep that night and therefore called Farrands immediately and told him that they wanted go forward with it. Donald Pleseance himself supported the original script and immediately signed on to make the film only to find out that the script was being rewritten.

29. The original title of the movie was 'Halloween 666: The Origin Of Michael Myers'. There are even existing ad prints and early trailers with that title. Later, it became 'Halloween 6' and finally 'Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers'.

30. This film marked the feature film debut of Paul Rudd. He filmed this prior to doing his part in 'Clueless' (1995).

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