1. There was an additional scene in the workprint with Deborah and Michael at Smith's Grove, where he repeatedly states "I need to get out of here". When she tells him that's not possible, he says, "Then I have nothing left to say". The last words he spoke in 15 years.

2. Originally, the "Fifteen Years Later" scene begins with a newscast with Taylor Madison about Michael's possible transfer.

3. After that newscast, Morgan Walker, Dr. Koplenson, and Councilman Edwards all argue with Dr. Loomis about Michael's care. This originally preludes Loomis telling Michael he can no longer be his doctor.

4. Morgan Walker and Dr. Koplenson discuss Michael's escape, and Loomis and the Dean discuss his presentation as they walk out of the hall. Walker calls Loomis on his cell phone and informs him of Michael's escape. Loomis flips out and says "they will see him on every street corner".

5. When Laurie and Lynda leave school, Lynda harasses another student and pours a drink over her head, then tells Laurie about her proposed cheer that got her in trouble.

6. When Laurie, Annie and Lynda see Michael, there are two other versions of it. One features Michael in his orange mask, and the other is just a blurry shape. When they look back, he's gone.

7. The original cemetery scene features Michael attempting to take the tombstone, while the caretaker (Ezra Buzzington) shows up at the scene in his pickup and yells at him to get out of there. Michael strangles the caretaker to death and steals the tombstone. Dr. Loomis, meanwhile, is driving into Haddonfield, and tries to get Sheriff Brackett on the phone, but his cell phone loses reception as he sees a sign for the gun store. Rob says he cut the scene because he didn't like the way Michael looked in the daylight, that it takes away from his menacing qualities.

8. After handing out the candy to the trick or treaters, Laurie leaves with Annie. At the same Michael appears up the front sidewalk and scares the crap out of Mason Strode, who thinks he is a trick or treater. Michael then stabs him and goes inside.

9. After Loomis shoots Michael and walks Laurie back to the car, the scene runs a bit longer, and really shows how guilty he feels about quitting on Michael 15 years prior.


1. There was initially a longer cut of the breakfast scene. In it, Judith alludes to Deborah having several abortions, and Ronnie sits at the table and laughs.

2. The workprint has an opening credits sequence. It plays over the scene of Michael running from school, Loomis’ introduction, and the bully walking through the woods. These scenes are all longer as a result, most significantly more dialogue between Loomis and Deborah, presented in a voice over as Michael runs and the Halloween theme plays.

3. There is an additional shot of Deborah arriving home and finding Michael sitting on the front steps after the murders. Deborah takes the baby from him, and Michael tells her "it's over".

4. There is additional dialogue between Loomis and Michael during his interviews with the tape recorder. On it, Loomis and Michael discuss the devil and his mask-making.

5. When Loomis escorts Deborah out of Smith's Grove, Nurse Wynn comes and sits with him before her death. In the alternate cut, Nurse Wynn says it is a "cute baby", and that it "couldn't be related to you", prompting Michael to flip out and kill her with the fork.

6. In another alternate escape that was used in the Workprint and Unrated DVD versions, Noel Kluggs and Kendall Jacks unlock a cell of one of the newest female inmates, then take her into Michael's room and rape her. Michael goes ballistic when they mess with his masks and kills them both. He then takes the keys and escapes.

7. The scene of Ismael Cruz and Noel Kluggs escorting Michael to his parole hearing runs a bit longer.

8. After Loomis tells Michael he can no longer be his doctor, there's a scene showing him walking away. He suddenly stops and looks back, clearly conflicted about his decision to quit on Michael.

9. There are additional shots of Michael watching Joe Grizzley at the truck stop as he enters the restroom.

10. The breakfast scene with Laurie and her parents is originally extended, and Laurie talks more about how Mr. Nichols is a pervert.

11. As Laurie, Annie and Lynda walk home, there is additional sex talk between the three.

12. When Laurie is walking home from school, she finds her mother putting up decorations outside. Michael follows her the whole time, and you can hear him breathing through his mask.

13. There is an additional shot of Michael standing on the balcony watching Lynda and Bob as they make love.

14. There's an additional scene where Laurie watches horror movies with Tommy and Lindsey, and she tells Lindsey it's time to go.

15. When Michael chases Laurie from the Wallace's to the Doyle's, the cut runs a little bit longer.

16. The pool scene is extended a bit, possibly for dramatic effect.


1. The scene where Loomis explains the color spectrum to Michael.

2. The death of Ismael Cruz. This was later added to show how far gone Michael's character had become.

3. The scene where Sheriff Brackett pulls up alongside Laurie, Annie and Lynda, and gives Annie a ride home.

4. The new graveyard scene with Sid Haig playing the caretaker instead of the daylight killing of Ezra Buzzington.

5. The scene where Lynda calls Laurie right before Bob’s death and asks what she thinks of her since Annie called her a slut.

6. A quick bit where the Strodes are confused what Annie meant when she said her dad is the “same as always”.

7. The scene where Loomis buys a gun from Mickey Dolenz.

8. The shot of Bob backing his van into the driveway at the Myers house. This scene shows up in the theatrical cut much earlier than it was in the workprint.

9. The scene where Sheriff Brackett explains Laurie Strode's real bloodline and adoption by the Strodes.

10. The shot where the kids run to Loomis was not originally in the workprint.


1. In the workprint, Michael listens to "Monster Mash", not KISS's "God Of Thunder". Deborah originally danced to Alice Cooper's "Only Women Bleed", but that was later changed to Nazareth's "Love Hurts". There are also several other places where John Carpenter's original score was used, only to be replaced by rock music.

2. The scene where Loomis leaves for Haddonfield after arguing with Morgan Walker and Dr. Koplenson is completely different, and features the dialogue, "four all points bulletins and a road block couldn't stop a five year old".

3. The scene where Loomis meets Brackett at night takes place in a different location. It took place at Haddonfield Burger in the theatrical, but in the workprint, it was a graveyard. The dialogue was also different.

4. In the workprint, Cynthia Strode is killed offscreen. In the theatrical and Unrated DVD's, the scene runs longer, and Michael snaps her neck.

5. In the workprint, Bob exits the house after his sex scene with Lynda, and goes to van to get more beer. Michael was hiding in van, and yanks Bob back inside and stabs him to death. This was, of course, replaced with the original classic version of Bob's death pinned to the door with the butcher knife.

6. The workprint ending is also different. After Michael grabs Laurie out of the police car, Loomis pleads with Michael to let her go. At the same time, Sheriff Brackett and the police arrive. Loomis convinces them to stand down, but when Michael takes a step forward to walk away with Loomis, the police gun him down. Loomis protests, but Michael falls to the ground, seemingly dead. As Loomis stands over Michael's body, the audio of their first interview plays in the background: "Hi, I'm Michael Myers", "Why do you talk funny?" etc. Then the fade to black.


1. There were additional shots of young Michael in the bathroom after he kills Elvis the rat.

2. When Michael tells the principal "Fuck you", the principal responds "Fuck me?" then it goes to the scene where Deborah comes down to the school.

3. In the asylum montage, there is an additional scene of Michael and Loomis where neither of them speak. They stare at each other, then Loomis shuts off the recorder after not getting a response.

4. Throughout the asylum sequence, we see "home video" shots of young Michael wearing masks. Loomis narrates these shots, which help explain the point of all of the masks, as well as revealing that Michael's human side is becoming increasingly obsolete. Rob went back and recorded these over the phone with Malcolm McDowell after shooting was completed for purposes of his director's cut DVD. Click below to hear each one.

Dr. Loomis Narrative #1- Nothing Visually Abnormal (0:15)
Dr. Loomis Narrative #2- These Primitive Masks (0:16)
Dr. Loomis Narrative #3- Fewer And Fewer Normal Moments (0:15)
Dr. Loomis Narrative #4- Downward Slide Into This Hellish Abyss (0:08)
Dr. Loomis Narrative #5- A Mere Shape Of A Human Being (0:10)

5. There is an extended scene where Laurie is walking home from school. You see the shot of Laurie, then Michael, then Laurie again. This was removed from the theatrical cut, but added to the Unrated Director's Cut DVD.

6. A title reading "Trick Or Treat" is inserted for some reason as night falls.

7. In the Unrated Director's Cut DVD, you see Lynda fully naked. In the previous versions, she was only seen topless.

8. During the finale, there is a scene where Loomis regains consciousness and grabs at Michael to try to stop him and gave Laurie more time to flee. It is unclear, but it would seem he survives the film after all (Michael does not further injure him, he just shakes Loomis off and resumes chasing Laurie).

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