1. Marion's death was originally a lot different. In the original version (which is sometimes shown on TV), she goes next door after Jimmy explores her house. There, Marion calls out to Jimmy, saying, "damnit, Jimmy, there's someone in my house!" and Michael enters the front door. Michael then grabs the knife from the kitchen, when Marion spots him, starts screaming and runs away. The chase scene is a few frames longer than originally shown, but it ultimately ends up the same, with Marion getting her throat slit while the cops investigate the wrong house. She just doesn't find Jimmy or Tony's bodies in this version.


2. The rest stop scene originally ran longer. The mother and her daughter arrive only to find the women's restroom locked. At this point, the mother looks out into the distance and sees Michael's abandoned vehicle. While she is looking away, the men's room door creaks open and Michael's pale face becomes faintly visible as he watches both of them. He then closes the door, and the scene plays out the same as it did theatrically.


3. The scene where John and Charlie leave campus and go into town was originally longer. At first, they walk the streets together, and Charlie asks John if "tonight is the night". John asks him, "for what?". Charlie replies, "when you treat Molly with your trick". Charlie keeps picking at him about it, saying he is scared. John laughs and says, "I'm not scared, I'm mature," and that "Me and Molly have a very active relationship". Charlie continues to prod him, asking him, "how active?" John answers, "Somewhere between pre-school and Pamela Anderson". At that point, they enter the store, and Michael drives by in his new vehicle that he stole from the rest stop.


4. While the kids are having their little secret dinner party, Will and Laurie have an extended discussion about their families. The scene runs longer than it did theatrically, and Will goes into his back story about having an abusive father and how his father blamed him for his mother having an affair. He tells Laurie that he has "huge betrayal issues and total dysfunction in the family area". Laurie smiles and replies, "families are tough". Will deduces that "everyone's got something in their past", and Laurie kisses him and tells him he's "so cute".


5. Charlie's death scene was originally a few frames longer. As he fiddles with the garbage disposal, trying to retrieve the corkscrew, Michael is shown behind him, and he actually walks past him while his hands are in the disposal. The scene then plays out the same as it did theatrically, where Charlie bumps into Michael and says "Hi", before he is promptly killed offscreen.

A SICK JOKE (1:47)

6. When John and Molly go to the kitchen to see what it is taking Charlie and Sarah so long, the scene originally played out much different. Rather than go through the "find the dead friends" routine, Michael just shows up and gets his knife as John and Molly investigate near the dumbwaiter. When they turn around, he is standing there, and the chase ensues. The chase scene is a bit extended, and leads all the way up to the gate scene, where Laurie rescues them and comes face to face with Michael through the portal.


6. The final confrontation between Laurie and Michael was originally different. The chase scene where Laurie, John and Molly are fleeing Michael and ultimately escape in her SUV was extended. There were more shots of Michael in pursuit included. After that, the scene plays out normally, until Laurie gets the ax. At that point, the Halloween theme plays (WITHOUT her signature scream, "MICHAEL!") and Laurie searches several buildings across the campus looking for him. When she finds him, the rest of the film plays out the same as it did theatrically.

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