1. There was initially a much longer cut of Laurie shooting the mannequins at her compound. It features Laurie using several different guns and unloading on the targeted dummies. She takes a break, grabs a long drink, then walks down and shoots one in the head. After that, she cleans her guns and contemplates suicide. She begins to play Russian roulette when she notices Aaron and Dana pull up outside her gate on the security camera. The rest of the scene then plays out with the interview. This was cut for timing reasons.


2. This scene establishes more of a personal relationship between Aaron and Dana. Dana is taking a shower in a scene similar to 'Psycho'. Then, we see Michael arrive wearing his mask, only it is Aaron instead, just trying to scare her. Dana gets angry at him, then they both shower together.


3. There is a scene featuring Allyson jogging, and she notices a large crowd. She goes over to see what is going on, and finds a dog hanging from a tree. In the background, Michael watches, still in his Smith's Grove attire. Allyson is horrified as the police cut the dog down, but doesn't notice Michael and leaves. This was obviously intended to be placed right before he made his way to gas station, but was cut for time.


4. There is a scene featuring cheerleaders shouting the infamous "We're From Haddonfield" chant, as featured in the original film. Vicky tells Allyson and Dave that she's not going to the dance because she has to babysit. They are both disappointed, but then Dave informs them that they have plans afterward, which include "doing dishes" and "wiping countertops". Vicky then offers to "pop" Dave's cherry, and he comes up with the idea that they should get matching tattoos to "memorialize the occasion". This explains why they show the '10-31-18' tattoo later on, when Dave's body is discovered by Officer Hawkins. There was also more interaction between Allyson, Cameron and Oscar. Oscar wants to know if Cameron likes Allyson more than him, and Cameron asks Allyson how she's doing and presents her with a mini orange jack-o-lantern that he made for her. Allyson tells him that she didn't sleep and explains that it is a "weird time" for her and her family. Cameron turns it into a joke and says, "wait until you meet my family".


5. In a major scene that was cut for time, Cameron and Allyson argue at the stadium after the dance. Cameron apologizes and says he had too much gin, insisting that the girl inside the dance came on to him and he didn't know what to do. Allyson is reluctant to accept his apology, but then the police arrive and inform them that there is a curfew. They start arguing with Cameron, calling him "cupcake". They then state that "those Elams are always running their mouths". Cameron is then arrested and the police order Allyson and Oscar to go straight home. This scene explains what happened to Cameron throughout the rest of the film and probably should have been left in.


6. There is an extended version of the scene between Officers Richards and Francis when they talk about the banh mi sandwich. Francis calls it a "pardon me" sandwich and says that he likes to bake, showing Richards his brownies and pudding. He insists his lunch is better, and Richards quickly changes the subject and says, "do you know what goes great with a banh mi sandwich? An IPA". It obviously ran too long and was trimmed down to cut time.


7. The scene with Officer Hawkins and Dr. Sartain driving in the cruiser initially ran longer. Hawkins asks Sartain his theory as to why Michael is going after Laurie again. Sartain obviously doesn't want to answer, and instead asks Hawkins if he ever wore ladies underwear. He then picks his nose and Hawkins yells at him, saying, "what kind of doctor are you anyway?" It really added nothing to the scene and was cut.


8. Photos have leaked online referencing an early scene between Laurie and Karen at the Haddonfield Harmony Community Center, presumably where Karen works. Based on the photos, it appears Laurie and Karen are discussing Allyson's National Honor Society dinner, and whether or not Laurie should even attend. This would explain later on when Karen tells Allyson she "talked to her" earlier and doesn't think she is going to come.


9. According to the leaked script and test audience reports, the original ending was very different and a much shorter version of the final confrontation between Michael and Laurie. After she wounds him by shooting some of his fingers off and goes around the house trying to find him, they eventually end up outside where Laurie tries to shoot him but realizes she's out of bullets. Instead, she takes out a knife and gets into a knife fight with Michael. She manages to cut him in the arm the same way he cut her in 1978, but Michael gets the upper hand and stabs her in the chest. As he moves in to finish her off, Karen shoots him in the back with a crossbow arrow, heavily wounding him. With Michael down, Karen and Allyson carry Laurie away from the scene, even though she begs them to go back and end it once and for all. Breathing heavily, Michael lumbers into the woods and ends up in the clearing near Laurie's house where her mannequins are and sits down against a tree. There, it is implied by the script that he is slowly dying, but it is left open-ended as the credits roll.

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