1. Alan (Dayton Callie)- Dies in van crash
2. Gary (Richard Brake)- Injured in van crash, beheaded with glass shard
3. Nurse Daniels (Octavia Spencer)- Stabbed to death with kitchen knife in Laurie's dream
4. Nurse (uncredited)- Found butchered with her eyes gouged out in Laurie's dream
5. Buddy (Richard Riehle)- Axed in back in Laurie's dream
6. Sherman (Duane Whitaker)- Knifed in eyes, stabbed to death with kitchen knife
7. Floyd (Mark Boone Junior)- Knifed in stomach, impaled on deer rack
8. Jazlean (Betsy Rue)- Stabbed to death with butcher knife
9. Ivan (Jazlean's Dog)- Killed with butcher knife and eaten by Michael
10. Howard (Jeffrey Daniel Phillips)- Slammed to ground, head stomped in, hung with holiday lights
11. Lou (Daniel Roebuck)- Slammed, face smashed in, arm broken
12. Misty (Wendy Snow)- Smashed to death into mirror
13. Wolfie (Matt Bush)- Knifed in back
14. Harley (Angela Trimbur)- Strangled to death
15. Deputy Neale (Greg Travis)- Strangled to death with rope; neck broken
16. Mya (Brea Grant)- Stabbed to death with kitchen knife
17. Annie (Danielle Harris)- Stabbed to death with kitchen knife, dies in Laurie's arms
18. Becks (Sean Whalen)- Thrown through windshield, immolated in exploding car
19. Dr. Loomis (Malcolm McDowell)- Stabbed in stomach with kitchen knife
20. Michael (Tyler Mane)- Shot by police, stabbed to death with kitchen knife by Laurie

*NOTE: In the Unrated Director's Cut of the film, Michael (Tyler Mane) gets shot to death by police after stabbing Dr. Loomis (Malcolm McDowell) in the stomach outside the shack. After that, Laurie (Scout-Taylor Compton) emerges and grabs the butcher knife and stands over Loomis, then was accidentally shot to death by police. There was also a body pit at Haddonfield General that Laurie encountered in the beginning of the film that was removed from the theatrical release. In addition, in another cut scene, a Beer Truck Driver (Ezra Buzzington) finds the bodies of Lou, Misty, and Howard the following morning at the Rabbit In Red. He was then attacked by Michael, and his throat was slit.

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