1. Alice (Anne Bruner)- Stabbed with kitchen knife
2. Bennett Tramer (Jack Verbois)- Hit by police car, immolated in crash and explosion
3. Mr. Garrett (Cliff Emmich)- Hammer claw in the head
4. Budd (Leo Rossi)- Strangled with length of cord
5. Nurse Karen (Pamela Susan Shoop)- Drowned in scalding therapy pool
6. Dr. Mixter (Ford Rainey)- Syringe in the eyeball
7. Nurse Janet (Ana Alicia)- Syringe in the temple; injected with air bubble
8. Mrs. Alves (Gloria Gifford)- Stabbed with IV syringe offscreen in neck and arm; found bled out by Jimmy
9. Nurse Jill (Tawny Moyer)- Stabbed in the back with scalpel; lifted off ground
10. The Marshal (John Zenda)- Throat slit with scalpel

*NOTE: Jimmy (Lance Guest) slipped and fell on a pool of blood and knocked himself out, and later passes out again. His true whereabouts were unknown after that, so its unclear if he is alive or dead, even though he is shown as a survivor in the Television Cut of the film. Also, instead of having his throat slit, The Marshal (John Zenda) is stabbed in the back in the Television Cut.

*In the 1981 Jack Martin novelization, Budd (Leo Rossi) is strangled, just in much more detail. While it is not revealed theatrically, it is explained in the book that Michael used a stethoscope to do the deed. In addition to that, Nurse Jill (Tawny Moyer)'s death was a little bit different as well. In the book, Michael uses both hands to lift her off of the ground, then balances her with just the hand stabbing her with the scalpel.

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