1. The biggest blooper in the movie is the fact that Michael Myers came from a poor, lower-class family. Part of the allure of Halloween is that Michael came from a normal, middle-class family. His parents were married, and his mother was certainly not a stripper. Not sure why Rob chose to go this route.

2. Another part of the Halloween lure that Rob messed up was having Michael talk. In the original, he never muttered a word, not even in childhood. That was part of what made him so scary.

3. Another blooper of young Michael is that he was 6 years old, not 10, when he killed Judith. And when he escaped, he was 21, not 27.

4. Another noticeable blooper is that Rob chose not to use any of Carpenter's classic "stingers", thus diminishing the scare factor. Not sure on this one, either.

5. The original musical score was not used nearly enough in the film. And when it was used, it was used at the wrong times...using the Shape Stalks right in the beginning? How about using the Myers House score at the very end during an intense sequence? It was just very off.

6. If you notice in John Carpenter's classic Halloween, most of the scary shots take place in the pitch-black of night. Rob, however, tries to make Michael scary in the daylight, and it didn't work as well. He even alluded to this in his director's commentary as to why the caretaker scene was changed.

7. I am not sure what setting Rob was going for here, but it looks like the young Michael action took place in the 1970s, with the adult Michael action taking place in present day. The original took place in 1963, then in 1978. Someone got their dates messed up.

8. When Michael kills Judith, he was very methodical about it. He knew what he was doing as soon as he got home from trick-or-treating. He did not sit around and eat candy corns and all of a sudden think, "OK, I'm going to kill my sister now".

9. There are several scenes you can tell it is an adult in the clown costume, and not Daeg Faerch. Most noticeably when he walks in on Judith and touches her leg. Rob explains this in the commentary that he couldn't legally have Daeg feeling up Hanna Hall, but it was noticeable nonetheless.

10. When Michael kills Ronnie White, you can tell it was a different person slicing the application to make his throat bleed. William Forsythe was more comfortable having a professional do it than Daeg.

11. When Michael kills Steve with the metal bat, he screams maniacally while doing so. Michael never screams or shows any kind of emotion, so why would he scream? And if he did, don't you think Judith would have heard it, or the metal bat dropping to the floor, despite listening to music?

12. When Michael puts on his Shatner mask as a youth, it looks completely ridiculous. I actually laughed when I saw that in the theater, and it was supposed to be one of the more serious scenes in the early part of the film. I understand why Rob did it, but its still goofy.

13. What is with the camera shaking during Judith's death sequence? Did Rob think he was shooting a sequel to Devil's Rejects or what? It added nothing to the scene, and gave me a splitting headache.

14. During the Taylor Madison report, he says that Michael stabbed Judith 17 times. That is incorrect. He stabbed her five.

15. Also during the report, he said that they discovered Judith's nude body face down. She wasn't nude when Michael killed her. Further evidence of this is when they roll her out on the gurney. You can clearly see she has a shirt on.

16. At the end of the report, Taylor Madison mentions that Ronnie White was stabbed numerous times in the face and chest. That is also incorrect. Ronnie White's throat was slit.

17. What is with Loomis giving up on Michael as a patient? That never happened. That was part of what made the Loomis character so interesting is that he was determined to help the boy or make sure he was locked away forever. That dynamic was lost in this version.

18. Loomis also never attempted to profit off of his work with Michael Myers. Rob definitely twisted this character around a little too much.

19. During the winter visit to the jail by Dr. Loomis, you can see a deciduous tree in the upper left that has leaves that are as green as they are in the summer, yet there's six inches of snow on the ground.

20. As a child, Michael had blond hair. As an adult, all of a sudden it is brown.

21. Each escape scene filmed was too easy. After the killings, it seemed like he just walked out of the place. There would have definitely been more than three or four guards there that night. I much prefer his original escape with Loomis right there seeing it happen.

22. When Michael drops the TV on Ismael Cruz, look closely. During filming, Tyler Mane actually did drop the TV and break it, forcing Rob to cut to black instead of showing the impact.

23. When Joe Grizzley climbs out of his truck, the attendant lifts the hood then goes for a hose. When the camera switches to where Joe is walking, you can see in the background the attendant lifts the hood and goes for the hose again.

24. When Michael fights Joe Grizzley in the stall, watch carefully. When he originally slams him against the stall, the stall is completely dented, and the glass breaks. However, when Michael stabs Joe, the stall is only slightly dented and the glass is intact.

25. As Michael walks out of the bathroom wearing his coveralls, Rob has to insert the only CGI shot of the entire movie. During filming, Ken Foree could not get his eyes to stop blinking or his chest to stop heaving.

26. When Laurie is walking to school with Tommy, she is carrying a backpack. When she approaches the Myers House, the backpack has vanished. And after she drops off the envelope, the backpack magically appears again.

27. When Laurie drops off the envelope at the Myers House, you can see her pretend that someone is there taking the envelope from her and then you see her drop it through the mail slot. Then she turns to antagonize Tommy, but when she turns back, you can see her drop the envelope through the slot again.

28. When Dr. Loomis is walking through the graveyard, the collar on his coat goes from up to down several times when cutting from him to the caretaker and back.

29. In the state of Illinois, there is a 72-hour waiting period to purchase handguns and all buyers must apply for and receive an 'FOID' (Firearms Owners Identification Card). Given that, Loomis would not have been able to walk into the store, buy the gun, and walk out with it. (Sent in by Tanner Young).

EXPLANATION: Perhaps the deal with Derek Allan was under the table.

30. Annie Brackett obviously dies in the Carpenter classic version. In this version, she survives until the sequel.

31. When Laurie is trapped in the Myers House, her hair goes from curly to straight in each shot.

32. In an original cut, Michael actually talks to Laurie in the basement, calling her "Boo" like he did as a kid. Thank God this was cut out.

33. Sheriff Brackett's first name is Leigh. On his nameplate at his office, it was spelled "Lee Brackett".

34. When Dr. Loomis shows up and shoots Michael, notice that his revolver clearly has empty chambers.

35. When Michael attacks Dr. Loomis, we clearly see blood coming down Loomis' face. However, when Michael drags him into the house afterward, we get several views of Dr. Loomis' face, and it has no blood on it.

36. Also in that scene, it was clearly a stunt double and not Malcolm McDowell who Michael dragged into the house.

37. After Laurie and Michael fall out of the window, she picks up the revolver and clicks on three empty chambers. If Dr. Loomis already fired three shots, this would not be the case. Laurie would have not hit on the three empty chambers but on the three loaded chambers.

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