1. During the 1978 flashback scenes, a blue 1970s Ford police car is shown with red and blue light bars that didn't exist at the time. Those particular lights weren't produced until the 1980s.

2. When Cameron says to Lonnie "she's gonna stay with her family", He responds with "good for her". However, if you look closely, you can clearly see his mouth doesn't move.

3. The firefighters perform a full smoke dive in the burning building at the start of the film, in spite of it already being up in flames and without knowledge of any survivors trapped inside. Normally, fire brigades don't endanger their people needlessly in such situations and focus only on preventing the fire from spreading to the surrounding area.

4. When the angry mob of locals chases Lance Tivoli at the hospital, they eventually discover after a long chase that he is not in fact the real Michael Myers. They should have known this straight away due to the fact that they showed both Tivoli and Michael's faces on the news report earlier in the night. In addition to that, Tivoli is about half as tall as Michael, which should have been a dead giveaway that it wasn't him.

5. When Karen enters the morgue attempting to identify Ray's body, look at the corpse on the table in front of the morgue attendant. If you look closely, you can see the corpse's chest rising, indicating he is still breathing.

6. When Loomis' station wagon is seen in the background during the flashback scene, it has a passenger side mirror; the original wagon in 'Halloween' (1978) only had a driver side mirror.

7. The deputies' shoulder patches during the flashback scene read "Warren County", which is an homage to the patches seen in 'Halloween II' (1981). However as this film wipes that one from canon, the patches should match those seen in the original, which only read, "County".

8. What are the odds that Gioachino Rossini's 'Largo Al Factotum', the song associated with Tivoli in 'Halloween' (2018), would be playing on the car radio?

EXPLANATION: This was meant as a subtle symbolism to show that the escaped patient in the car was Tivoli and not Michael. In addition, the car may have had satellite radio as well, and Tivoli simply found a classical channel, if he was smart enough to do do.

9. When Vanessa shoots the Desert Eagle at the car, in which Michael sits, the driver's side door is already open as she comes closer, BEFORE Michael uses the door to deflect the gun.

10. The Strode Realty sign seen outside the Myers house in a flashback scene set in 1978 features the phone number 555-0179, whereas in the original 1978 film the number was 555-3679.

11. Allyson leaves the knife from the previous film wrapped in Laurie's shirt for her to use in case Michael shows up, and puts it next to Laurie's pillow for when she wakes up. In the next scene, Karen throws the shirt in the trash, and the knife should have went with it. However, it is now magically on a chair across the room where Laurie could never have gotten it if she needed it.

12. When Pete McCabe is opening the Myers' house front door, the face of a woman can be seen reflected in the broken glass of the door.

13. On Ranbir Sartain's toe tag in the morgue, the place of death is listed at Izmir, Turkey. In reality, the toe tag should have been written as "place of birth" instead of "place of death" because Ranbir Sartain was killed in Haddonfield.

EXPLANATION: This was meant to be an homage to actor Haluk Bilginer, who portrayed Sartain in 'Halloween' (2018) and was born in Izmir, Turkey.

14. Most hospital morgues are located in the basement, where only authorized people have access to them. But this morgue was on the main floor in plain sight, complete with a window where people can observe inside it from the hallway as well as one body completely uncovered by any sheets. In reality, a morgue would not be set up in this manner for open viewing due to confidentiality reasons, as well as minimizing any traumatic experience for a person viewing inside (such as Oscar's mother discovering his dead body).

15. Anne Murray's "Could I Have this Dance?" is playing on the turntable at Big John and Little John's house with a blue label on the album. In reality, that song is on Murray's 'Greatest Hits' album, which has a silver label.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps they left it open-ended in case they couldn't obtain the rights to the song, and would have inserted whatever song was chosen instead.

16. Also in that scene, the record is heard playing despite the needle very obviously being in the run-out groove, which should have been playing silence and static at most.

17. While in the recovery room, Laurie's vital signs never change the entire time (her heart rate is always 80 beats per minute). You also never see the outline of the telemetry leads under her gown (or for Hawkins). Later, when Laurie decides to get out of bed, she does not remove them.

18. A patient that just underwent a critical, life-saving abdominal surgery would not have the ability to spring out of bed that fast and walk the halls no matter how strong they are.

19. When Michael is standing on the front lawn of his childhood home about to be arrested, there are no bullet holes in his coveralls despite being shot 6 times by Loomis earlier that evening.

20. After Michael kills Marion, Marcus, and Vanessa in the park, he immediately begins chasing Lindsey after she attacks him with the sack of bricks. However, when he is unable to find her, he leaves the park, walking across the wooden bridge to do so, and continuing on his journey back to his childhood home. When has Michael ever just given up on finding a potential victim? And if he was heading home at that point, when did he have time to carefully pose the dead bodies and place the Silver Shamrock masks over their heads the way they were found later?

21. When Tivoli breaks the window with the fire extinguisher prior to his jump, the glass was obviously stunt glass and shattered way too easily. In reality, tempered glass used in hospital windows would not have shattered like that.

22. When Tivoli jumps from the hospital, the POV shot shows him falling face-down with his hands flailing as the sidewalk grows closer. However, right after that, when the crowd approaches to see his mangled body, he is face-up.

23. The address of Big John and Little John's house (the former Myers House) is shown as 709 Lampkin Lane. In the original film, the address was 45 Lampkin Lane.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps they changed it hoping to distance themselves from what happened there in the past.

24. During the SUV attack, as Michael is on top of the SUV, Marion shoots out the back driver's side window that Vanessa then jumps out of to leave. Shortly thereafter, when Marcus goes to climb out, Michael jumps down in front of it and the reverse shot shows his full reflection in what should have been a fully shattered window. This would not be possible with the window gone.

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