1. The nurse mentions that Laurie Strode is a potential suicide risk. With that risk, added to her mentioned escape attempts and being found on a rooftop, as well as being the prime target of a serial killer still on the loose, shouldn't she be under 24-hour protective watch?

2. Even with a crushed throat, wouldn’t the medic know enough to take off the mask? Not only that, but when he is squashed between the van and the tree, he feels his head and again must know he has a mask on. Why did he simply not take it off?

3. When the second security guard finds the head in the dryer, he turns around screaming and trips over the dead body on the ground. Wouldn't he notice it on the ground when he first entered the room?.

4. Any time Michael grabs a knife, an audible, metallic 'SHHHING!' sound effect is heard, as though the weapon is being pulled out of a sheath or scabbard. Even when the knife is being held still, the sound effect is still heard. It gets to the point of being almost comical.

5. How would Laurie know what Michael looks like? The only time she's ever seen his face was over 20 years ago. Later on that night, his face gets burned. Even if the burns have healed, there would be 20 years worth of aging in his face.

6. This is the first time, with the exception of Laurie in the opening minutes, that Michael doesn't go after any family members.

7. When Michael is walking towards Laurie's room in the sanitarium, the window on the door is yellow as if a light is on in the room. Then, in the next shot, it is blue as if a light was not on.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Laurie turned the light off.

8. When Michael is walking along the corridor to Laurie's room, the knife is clean. In the next shot, we see a blood-covered knife.

9. Also in that scene, the camera shot is behind Michael as he holds the knife by his side. The camera angle then changes to his front, and now the blade is at his front as well.

10. When Laurie hits Michael over the head with the lamp, it smashes. Then, when Laurie drops the lamp and runs out of the room, the lamp is not broken and is still lit.

11. When Michael is hanging upside down and drops his knife, it has a brown wooden handle with a dark blood (clotty looking) smear at the tip, to a quarter way down the blade. However, after Laurie walks over to him, the knife has a black plastic handle and the blood smear on the tip is a full wipe of blood not clotty looking and red not red/black.

12. If you look at Michael closely when Laurie is falling off of the asylum, you will notice that he is "hanging" there effortlessly, leading me to believe that he is actually standing there, with something supporting his feet underneath.

13. After Michael kills Laurie, he hands the knife to Harold. In a hospital with a bunch of crazy people, wouldn't the doors be locked?

14. Also, when Michael hands the knife to Harold, the camera is reflected in the window as Michael leaves the room.

15. Harold says that Michael killed "3 nurses and a paramedic that night." In reality, it was actually four nurses (Karen, Janet, Jill, and Mrs. Alves). Harold's lips are also not moving as he says this.

16. Harold says that Michael killed "4" students at Hillcrest Academy, but he only killed 2.

17. In class, Sara is the only one to answer Dr. Mixter's question, as she whispered "The Shadow." There was no way the professor could have heard Sara way in the back of the room, as he was standing in the front of the mini-auditorium.

18. The school email is listed as .org. Shouldn't it be .edu?

19. Since when is there a garage attached to the Myers House? There wasn't in any other movie.

20. Why would Charlie just stand there and let Michael stab him with that tripod? Hell, he even grabbed it and held it in place on his neck so Michael could stab him!

21. When Michael kills Charlie, the camera is left so you see the shot of the stairs. The front door is located right behind the camera but is unseen. When Michael is dragging Charlie's body away, you see him drag Charlie toward the front door. Towards the end of the movie, Sarah is in the attic and sees Charlie's dead body. How did Charlie get in the attic if he was dragged out the front door?

22. When Charlie gets killed, the tripod is very bloody. But when Nora says “Nice angle boy,” the tripod is clean.

23. When Sara checks the light switch early on, it is up, or in the "on" position. She flips it down, then up again, and leaves it in the "on" position. Shouldn't all the light switches be down, or in the "off" position. This may have been one of Freddie's ideas.

24. In the original Halloween, the kitchen of the Myers house is to the right of the front door, but in this one it's at the back of the house and to the left.

25. The closet Rudy breaks into to free Sara is nearly identical to the one that Michael attacked Laurie in in the original. I think it was meant to be the same closet. However, the producers overlooked something. Michael didn't attack Laurie in the closet at the Myers House. He attacked her in the closet at the Doyle House, where Laurie was babysitting that night.

26. At the Halloween party, after Jen screams and scares Rudy, Bill, and Sara, there's a guy telling Miles to turn down the volume. In the next scene, the same guy walks in asking if everyone is watching "that Michael Myers thing."

27. If Bill's camera gets broken while Michael kills him, how is it able to work again once his body is discovered?

28. After Jimmy and Donna knock down the wall and reveal all the fake skeletons, listen to Donna's scream after the initial shock. Is it just me or does it sound like a "happy, joking-around" type scream, rather than a "I'm scared" type scream. Very bad acting, I must say.

29. When Jimmy and Donna go to leave the dungeon (before Donna notices the sewer exit), listen to what Jimmy says. He says "Tina, let's go find Freddie." Who the hell is Tina, or was that originally Donna's character name?

30. After her interrupted interlude with Jim in Michael's dungeon, Donna quickly puts her sweater back on, minus her bra. Yet, seconds later, when she's impaled by the gate spike, she is magically wearing her bra again.

31. Also, when Donna runs into Michael in the sewer, she screams, but we hear the words, "Oh, shit!"

32. When Jen walks out the room and sees Bill's body and Freddie had walked away, why would Sara say "you too, Freddie" when Freddie not even a minute before walked away into the other room? There is no way Freddie could have gotten upstairs that way.

33. Also, when the trap door falls open, blood appears on Jen's face between shots.

34. The amount of blood on Jen's face changes before and after she is beheaded.

35. Why would Rudy run to the locked door when there was an open doorway RIGHT behind him?!

36. When Rudy goes to the door that leads to the basement, it is locked. However, after Freddie gets stabbed, Sara runs to the door it is locked. But then she runs and sees Michael, then runs back, and the door is open?!

37. When Sara slips on the pool of blood and falls on her back, it is obviously a stuntwoman.

38. When the door is first knocked down when Sara is trapped, you can see Myles for a second. Then when the door is knocked down all the way, it's Freddie.

39. At one point in the garage scene, Michael is lying down in the pool of blood. However, as the camera shoots Michael's back as he approaches Sara (after he gets up), there is no blood on the back of his suit.

EXPLANATION: In one of the alternate endings, Myles does break the door down. I guess they didn't bother to edit that part out.

40. Near the end, when Freddy is knocked out by Michael in the garage, he crashes against the wall, and lays there stunned. You can see that his hair is all messed up. However, in the next shot you see of Freddy, his hair is neatly behind his head, and then they show him again, and his hair is all messed up again.

EXPLANATION: Again, they shot a couple different endings, so they probably had to shoot on different days. It was more than likely just a case of bad editing.

41. When Michael is hanged, there's an upward shot showing his body go limp. Look closely, you'll be able to see the roof of the stage- rafters bathed in green light.

42. In the original Deckard ending, Michael goes from lying on the floor to being up tied up in the wires between shots.

43. Michael couldn't possibly have been living under his house for 20 years. He lived in it until he was 6, then spent 15 years in a sanitarium until he broke free and went back to Haddonfield. By the end of that night, he gets burned and slips into a coma for 10 years. As he wakes out of his coma and goes back to Haddonfield again, he gets blown out of the mine shaft and recooperates under the care of a hermit for a year. After the events of 5, the Man in Black (Wynn) holds him for 6 years. The only reasonable time he could have started to live under the house was after the events of 6, which is only (in Halloween time) 6 years.

44. Katee Sackhoff's name is misspelled as Katie Sachoff in the opening credits.

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