1. In the beginning credits, there's a picture of Laurie Strode in the Haddonfield Yearbook. It says "Class of '78." However, because the film took place in October of 1978, when Laurie was a senior, she would have been "Class of '79."

2. Also in the beginning credits, one of the articles says "Laurie Strode, who survived the Haddonfield murders in 1968..." We all know it should have said 1978.

3. In one of the articles at the beginning of the film, during the credits, Michael Myers' name is spelled "Meyers" at one point.

4. In the opening sequence, Marion's house is supposed to have lost power. However, when Jimmy goes to investigate, the light bulb in the refrigerator comes on when he steals the beer.

5. When Jimmy goes into Marionís house, it's daylight. When he comes out, it's dark. It would not have taken him hours to check out her house.

6. The porch light at Jimmy's house switches from on to off numerous times.

7. When Marion is searching in her office with the flashlight, you can see Dr. Loomis's picture with the flash light shining on it. If you look carefully on the wall behind his picture, you can see the cameraman's shadow on the wall.

8. An ice skate through the face would not be a clean stab. It would shatter the skull.

9. More than one mask was used in the film. This is most noticeable as the look of the mask changes from time to time.

10. At the rest stop in California, there is no toilet paper in either stall. What are the odds of that?

11. When the woman places the rock in front of the door at the rest stop, the large side of the rock is facing outward, but when the view changes, the large side is now facing inward.

12. When Keri (Laurie) and John are arguing over Yosemite in the Kitchen, she slams the refrigerator door shut, causing a magnet to fall to the ground. But, in the next shot, you don't see the magnet on the floor.

13. When Keri (Laurie) goes downtown for lunch, we see tons of kids running around in Halloween costumes. Shouldn't they be in school? Obviously it's a school day, yet kids are running around town at lunch time?

14. When Keri (Laurie) and Will Brennan are having lunch and he goes to the bathroom, she calls the waiter over to order another drink. Each time they cut back to her, the glass is either in her hand or on the table, and the level of wine in each glass changes inconsistently.

15. When Molly finds the note and map that John leaves her in the dumbwaiter, look closely. It says, 'Follow the map and get a suprise!' The word surprise is misspelled as 'suprise'.

16. In the scene when Keri has just finished teaching the class, check out the stand-alone chalkboard which has the word "Yates" incorrectly written on it. After Keri and John discuss the field trip, the camera cuts back to the chalkboard and the spelling has changed to "Yeats".

17. The 'Scream 2' scenes on the girls' TV have continuity errors. It skips 5-10 minutes in about 5 seconds.

18. In the scene where Keri (Laurie) is telling Will Brennan who she really is, they are lying on the sofa in her living room. After she tells him, she asks if he wants a drink and goes to the kitchen to get a bottle of vodka from the fridge. As she is walking back into the living area, she unscrews the top of the bottle and takes a swig. Never replacing the top, she hands the bottle to Will who (before he takes a drink) unscrews the top.

19. When Laurie is confessing to Will who she is, she mentions that Michael murdered Judith when she was 17. However, when Michael places the tombstone over Annie in Halloween, it reveals Judith was born November 10, 1947. Considering she was killed on Halloween in 1963, she would have actually been 15, not 17.

20. When Will is eating with Keri, he tells her that "I'll be right back." He then gets up and turns to his left. However, when the camera angle changes, it shows Will turns to his right instead.

21. After Charlie has been killed and Sarah is in the dumbwaiter with him, his position keeps changing; First, looking at her, then not, then looking at her again, and then finally not looking at her.

22. Also in that scene, when Sarah first looks at his body, his eyes are open. In the next shot from the opposite side, his eyes are closed.

23. After Michael kills Sarah, the trail of blood that John and Molly find is noticeably fake. It is "too watery" to be blood.

24. When John and Molly are running out of the building, John jumps out of the window head first, but when the camera cuts back to him, he is seen coming out feet first.

25. When Will Brennan accidentally shoots Ronny, look closely. Right before Will shoots him, you can see a glimpse of Michael's mask. Then, all of a sudden, it's Ronny that got shot? How can that be. If Ronny was there, Michael would have killed him.

26. When Michael is killing Will, strings are visible holding Will up. (Another sign of Chris Durand's weakness).

27. When Michael attacks Sarah, they are downstairs and she uses the dumbwaiter to go upstairs where Michael kills her. When John and Molly find Sarah's bloodtrail it is on the first floor. Michael could have sent her body back down, but when Laurie goes to the second floor, there is no evidence that Sarah or Charlie were killed there.

28. After Laurie hides John and Molly in the closet, she looks at Will and says, "Go...John, Go...". Why would she refer to Will as John, when John was already hiding in the closet with Molly?

29. When Laurie, John and Molly are running away from Michael to get to the car, John is pushed into the back seat. When the door is closed, a very bright stage light is reflected in the window.

30. When Michael hangs down from the pipe in the school, Laurie's wound is already visible before Michael stabs her.

31. After Keri (Laurie) stabs Michael and he falls off of the balcony, she goes down and looks at him. Right when she gets in the room, they switch to a shot of him and you can see him take a huge breath.

32. When Keri (Laurie) pulls the knife out of Michael, it was obviously not inside him very far.

33. When the rescue crews arrive, how do they get past the gate, if Keri (Laurie) closed it and broke the automatic door opener?

34. When Laurie is driving away in the coroner's van with Michael in the back, the word "Coroner" written on the side of the van disappears and reappears numerous times.

35. Also in that scene, it shows Laurie going around the same turn in the road twice.

36. When Keri (Laurie) hits Michael Myers with the van and they go over the cliff, you can see that the back doors of the van swing open. However, when they get a frontal shot of Laurie going down the cliff in the van, the doors are shut. This happens about three times before the van finally stops.

37. Even though Halloween H20 ignores the events in some of the previous films, it takes place after part 2 so Michael should have burn marks on his hands.

38. If Michael truly crushed the larynx of a paramedic and switched clothes, wouldn't the paramedic have ripped the mask off of his face to show Laurie who he really was? Even though he couldn't speak and couldn't move his body when he was pinned to the tree by the coroner's van, the medic had full use of his hands, and could have easily ripped it off.

39. During the very end of the credits, when the film is dedicated to the memory of Donald Pleasence, they misspelled Pleasence as Pleasance.

40. Jodi Lyn O'Keefe's name is mis-spelled on the theatrical poster as Jodi Lynn O'Keefe.

41. On the original theatrical poster, Janet Leigh's character was incorrectly listed as 'Hattie'.

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