1. In his narration, Dr. Loomis says that Michael was locked up Smith's Grove Sanitorium, when in fact, he should have said Sanitarium.

2. Jamie is supposed to be 15, but yet, she appears to be in her 20s in the movie.

3. At the beginning of the movie Michael impales the nurse onto the wall as Jamie escapes. The next time we see Michael, as he walks out of the underground area holding a knife. Then he snaps the guy's neck. Where did the knife go?

4. When Michael kills the nurse, we first see him walking mysteriously out of the darkness and in plain sight of the nurse. Then the camera angle changes to Michael's point of view and he doesn't see the nurse until he walks around the corner.

5. When Tommy is on the phone with Barry Simms, he holds the phone and types on his keyboard with his right hand simultaneously!

6. The blood on Jamie's chin changes from shot-to-shot when she is being impaled on the farm equipment.

7. Tommy plays back the recording of Jamie's call from the bus depot and hears announcements being made in the background. That is how he figures out she's at the depot. Who was making the announcements? The employee was gone when she arrived and if he had returned Jamie would have asked him for help.

8. Tommy Doyle has newspaper clippings that date back to 1963, yet they are all in perfect condition. They should have been yellow, considering the age they were.

9. Tommy goes to the bus station and a map of Illinois appears on the wall. Notice that Haddonfield and Smith's Grove (150 miles apart in the film) are located in between Pontiac and Dwight, which are 18 miles apart in reality!

10. There is no bus route from Pontiac to Dwight, although it says there is on the map at the Haddonfield bus station.

11. Also at the bus station, Tommy finds a trail of blood left by Jamie, and also finds blood in the sink. Don't you think it would have been cleaned up by the time Tommy got there?

12. How could Jamie's baby have been quiet the entire time at the station, and then all of a sudden make noise when Tommy shows up?

13. When Tommy finds the baby, he says "it's ok, man". How did he know the baby was a boy, as it was completely wrapped up in the blanket?

14. How did Michael manage to burn the Thorn symbol into the piles of hay without burning down the entire barn?

15. In the beginning breakfast scene, Debra Strode mispronounces her daughter's name, calling her "Carr-uh" rather than "Care-uh."

16. When Kara returns home, she calls out several times for her mother, getting no response. Yet, when she goes into Danny's bedroom, he is there with Tommy. Wouldn't Tommy or Danny have heard Kara calling out all that time?

17. If Mrs. Blankenship can't hear, how could she carry on conversations with Kara and Danny?

18. If Kara was truly watching her house like Tommy told her to do, she would have seen her father arrive home in his car, and noticed Tim and Beth when they came home.

19. When John Strode goes downstairs, his hair goes from dry to wet and hanging down.

20. In the basement, how can the washing maching be running if the power is out?

21. Why did Barry Simms get in the passenger's side of the van at the rally, then get in the driver's side seat?

22. Michael kills Barry Simms at the campus rally, and then all of a sudden, he's back at the Myers House. How could he be in two places at once?

23. When the young girl draws Tommy's attention to Barry's dead body, it is strung up in a tree with some Halloween lights. With all those people at the rally, wouldn't someone have seen Michael string him up there?

24. After Tim's murder, Kara calls the Myers/Strode house which has no electricity. Beth picks up a cordless phone and begins to speak with Kara. How is this possible, since cordless phones have bases that run on electricity? If the power is out, the phone wouldn't work.

25. Isn't it amazing that after Kara jumps out the window, she manages to survive without any injuries?

26. Dr. Loomis seems to make the trip from Haddonfield to Smith's Grove (150 miles apart) in record time.

27. When Kara, Danny, and Tommy are running from Michael, they go into the room with the dead fetus's. Kara locks both locks on the door, (you can hear her locking both of them). However, when Michael punches the door and rips the door knob off, you can see that there are two locks on it and only one hole for the bottom lock. How did Kara lock the door when the upper one didn't even go to another lock?

28. Throughout the film, Tommy Doyle is not wearing a belt. How then, suddenly, can he be wearing one when he gets to the Sanitarium in Smith's Grove?

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