1. What numbers were on the license plate of Ted's Ford?

2. What was the name of the asylum where the children were kept?

3. What quote was written on the wall of the asylum?

4. What medical disorder plagued Bud throughout the film?

5. After the inmates escape the asylum, where did Bud say they were going?

6. What was the name of the BBQ where the inmates stop to eat after their escape?

7. How did the group manage to evade the police's search party in the woods?

8. Who was revealed as the real Jed Sawyer?

9. How did Verna find out Jed's whereabouts?

10. What did Verna always tell Jed about outsiders?


1. Ted's Ford had the numbers '3277'.
2. The asylum was the 'Gorman House Youth Reformatory'.
3. It said, 'You will not be punished for your anger, you will not be punished by your anger'.
4. Bud had bipolar disorder.
5. After their escape, Bud said they were heading for Mexico.
6. The inmates stopped to eat at 'Seembursts Famous Texas BBQ' after their escape.
7. The group all hid inside the rotting corpse of a steer to evade police.
8. Jackson was revealed as the real Jed Sawyer.
9. Verna paid off Deputy Sorells for information on Jed's whereabouts.
10. Verna always told Jed that outsiders 'fill your head with lies'.

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