1. Where did Heather work in the beginning of the film?

2. What was the name of the gas station where the group stopped (and met Darryl)?

3. What street was Verna Carson's mansion located on?

4. What was the gate code number, and what was its significance?

5. What was Kenny's chief hobby?

6. Where did Leatherface live on the Carson Estate?

7. What did Heather write on the celebratory evidence photo at the police station?

8. What was the name of the bar where Heather met Farnsworth?

9. How did Leatherface figure out Heather was his cousin?

10. What was Heather's real name?


1. Heather worked in the meat department of a grocery store.
2. The gas station was named 'Benny's'.
3. Verna Carson's mansion was located on Homestead Road.
4. The gate code was 0819, in rememberance of the family's massacre.
5. Kenny was a chef.
6. Leatherface lived in the wine cellar beneath the Carson Mansion.
7. Heather wrote 'Murderers' across the celebratory photo.
8. Heather met Farnsworth at 'Johnny B. Red's'.
9. Leatherface saw the burn mark on Heather's chest from the 'S' in the Sawyer pendant.
10. Heather's real name was Edith Rose Sawyer.

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