1. What was Barry's lame pickup line when trying to get Heather to have sex?

2. Who did Heather reference as 'that Chicago guy who puts hearts in the refrigerator'?

3. According to Darla, why did blondes stick their heads out of car windows?

4. What was the name of Vilmer's wrecking company, etched across the door of the tow truck?

5. What was W.E.'s chief hobby?

6. Who did W.E. quote when he first encountered Barry, and what was the phrase?

7. Where did Darla get their pizza, and what was the order?

8. What did W.E. use to subdue his prey?

9. What type of car did Darla have?

10. What unique feature lined the walls of the Slaughter dining room?


1. Barry tried to get Heather to have sex with him, insisting he'd get prostate cancer if he didn't.
2. Heather referred to Jeffrey Dahmer as 'that Chicago guy who puts hearts in the refrigerator'.
3. In a lame attempt at a joke, Darla said that blondes stick their heads out of car windows to 'get a refill'.
4. Vilmer's wrecking company was called 'Illuminati Wrecking'.
5. W.E.'s chief hobby was quoting memorable phrases, including Grant, Churchill, and others.
6. W.E. quoted Ulysses Grant and said, "I propose to fight it out on this line if it takes all summer".
7. Darla ordered from Bud's Pizza, and got 1 medium deluxe, 1 medium pepperoni, and 1 large vegetarian.
8. W.E. used a cattle prod to subdue his prey, and even on Leatherface at times.
9. Darla had a gray Cadillac.
10. Many sets of keys lined the wall of the Slaughter dining room, presumably from cars of the victims.

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