1. According to the news report, how many empty crypts were found by police?

2. What type of van did the group have?

3. What was Pam's chief hobby?

4. According to Franklin, what was his family's connection to the slaughterhouse?

5. What was Franklin's nickname for the Hitchhiker?

6. At the Hardesty house, what type of wallpaper was in Sally's old bedroom?

7. What incriminating item did Kirk find on the porch of the Sawyer house?

8. When Sally went to the Cook for help, where did he tell her the nearest help was located?

9. What was the trucker's nickname for his rig, as evidenced by the paintjob?

10. What real-life serial killer was this movie based on?


1. According to the news report, 12 empty crypts were found by police.
2. The group had a blue Ford Econoline van.
3. Pam's chief hobby was astrology.
4. According to Franklin, his uncle worked at a slaughterhouse outside Fort Worth.
5. Franklin called the Hitchhiker 'Dracula'.
6. Sally's old bedroom had animal wallpaper, explaining her fascination with zebras.
7. Kirk found a tooth on the porch of the Sawyer house.
8. The Cook told Sally the nearest help was in the town of Childress.
9. The trucker's nickname for his rig was the 'Black Maria', which was painted on the door.
10. This movie was based on real-life serial killer Ed Gein.

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