1. Obviously, given that it was a prequel to a remake, there were a lot of similarities between this film, its predecessor, and the original. This included the flash bulb sound effect, the story of the teens crossing the country, stopping at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, only to meet their doom in the form of the psychopathic family of cannibals.

2. Platinum Dunes, the same production company helmed by Michael Bay that did the 2003 remake, made this film.

3. The cast that returned from the 2003 film included Marietta Marich (Luda Mae), R. Lee Ermey (Charlie/Sheriff Hoyt), Terrence Evans (Old Monty), and Andrew Bryniarski (Leatherface).

4. During the early development of Leatherface, he worked in the meat plant, processing and sometimes torturing pigs with meat hooks, while also having a variation of the infamous sliding door at the plant. As we all know, these elements all come into play later, only with the people serving as the pigs instead.

5. Eric's Jeep from this film can be seen in the hidden wreckage later found by the group in the 2003 film.

6. Sheriff Hoyt nearly suffocates Eric with saran wrap over his mouth and face. He later uses saran wrap when he takes the body of the hitchhiker away in the 2003 film.

7. Leatherface wears two different masks in this film, just like the 2003 film.

8. The dinner scene at the end of this film was meant to set the stage for later events, as well as pay homage to the other films in the series, who all had some form of the scene.

9. Chrissie's window escape is also an homage to the earlier films, in particular Sally's escape in the original, and Jenny's escape in 'The Next Generation'.

10. David J. Schow, who wrote 'Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III', co-wrote this film along with Sheldon Turner.

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