1. There is a variation of the flashbulb sound effect used in this film that became synonymous with the original film. It was used during the prom photo scene in the very beginning, but then abandoned for some reason the rest of the film.

2. The service station is an obvious homage to the original, as well as the one in Part 3.

3. Jenny finding the remnants of several cars is similar to when Pam and Kirk find similar remnants in the original.

4. Heather approaching the front door yelling "Hello?" loudly several times is similar to when Kirk did the same thing in the original. The only difference was Kirk actually walked in the house to meet his doom. Heather was dragged in.

5. The house itself more closely resembles the house from the original than the houses used in any of the other sequels in the series.

6. Both Gunnar Hansen, who played Leatherface in the original, and Bill Johnson, who played him in the second film, turned down the role in this one.

7. Leatherface abducting Heather and putting her on the meat hook is almost the exact same thing he did to Pam in the original film.

8. When Barry tells Heather, "welcome to the real world", it is the same line Ryan tells Michelle in Part 3.

9. Leatherface chasing Jenny is obviously an homage to the infamous chase scene with Sally in the first film.

10. Jenny jumping out the window to escape is the same way Sally tried to escape in the first film.

11. In the original film, Sally evades Leatherface and seeks shelter in the BBQ with the Cook. In this one, Jenny seeks shelter at Darla's realty trailer.

12. When W.E. shocks Jenny with a cattle prod to subdue her at the trailer, it is similar to when the Cook did the same thing with a broom in the original.

13. The character of W.E. is basically a younger version of the Cook from the original, while Vilmer is a hybrid of the Hitchhiker, Chop-Top, and Tinker from the previous films.

14. Leatherface appears in three different masks in this film-- just like he did in the original.

15. The infamous line "Look what your brother did to the door!" uttered by the Cook in the original is homaged in this one by W.E., who says the same thing to Vilmer after Leatherface destroys the front door going after Heather.

16. At the end of the film, Vilmer randomly cuts himself, just like the Hitchhiker did in the van in the original film.

17. In the original film, Sally escapes in the back of a truck. In this one, Jenny gets into an RV.

18. The RV escape where Vilmer and the RV were driving side-by-side with Leatherface in the back was similar to the bridge scene at the beginning of Part 2.

19. The ending, where Leatherface goes ballistic and swings his chainsaw around wildly while yelling and screaming that 'the meat' escaped, is just like the ending of the original film.

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