Matt: If you are a fan of Texas Chainsaw 3D, you will like this one too. It's essentially a prequel to that film which was supposedly the true sequel to the original classic. It is a blood soaked, gruesome origin tale that basically ignores every other film in the franchise. Lili Taylor and Stephen Dorff were very good in their roles but not overbearing. Hell, even the Iron Fist was tolerable. It really adds depth to the Hartman vs. Sawyer rivalry that takes center stage in 3D and sets up what is to come in that film. The body count was high and the kills were inventive yet true to the franchise. Despite that, the story was sketchy at best, and less believable than the origin story of 2006. It takes Leatherface an awfully long time to evolve and appear, which for a film bearing his name, was a really big letdown. They also went with a much more tame ending compared to the one that was cut. If they had kept the original ending, I might have scored it higher, but as it is, I give it a 4.5 out of 10.


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