Matt: Right off the top, I must say this was one of the worst films I've ever seen. Notice I said films, and not just horror films. It's no wonder Renee Zellweger and Matthew McConaughey want nothing to do with this film, even though they were both relatively unknowns at the time. There should have been a warning light that went off the minute New Line dumped the film rights, because if New Line dumps a franchise, you know it's destined for destruction. There is absolutely nothing positive I can say about this picture except that they were trying to re-imagine the original film and bring it to the '90s setting (which wasn't necessarily the best idea, given the state of horror at the time). Kim Henkel was clearly just milking every last cent out of the series that went to hell in a handbasket very quickly. Tobe Hooper wouldn't even get involved, even after New Line sold the rights and got out of it. The acting was just plain awful at times, even for Zellweger and McConaughey. Robert Jacks (R.I.P.) really brought out the feminine side of Leatherface that we saw glimpses of from Gunnar Hansen, but that's about all I can say for him. It looked like he was trying to play Gunnar Hansen playing Leatherface, and not just taking on the iconic role of one of the greatest cinematic slashers of all-time. He was good with the chainsaw, but he wasn't scary and did way too much yelping. Add to that the fact that he took a backseat to Vilmer when it was time to do the killing, and the whole thing really came crashing down. And what the hell was Darla doing the whole time? She was the worst of them all, and clearly did not belong. Also, the music used in the film was simply deplorable. The score itself was creepy from Wayne Bell (who worked with Hooper on the original), but they didn't use it enough, and like Part 3, they relied too heavily on a horrible rock soundtrack to carry the way, failing miserably. If that wasn't enough, the fact that Rothman gets involved and reveals that it is all an elaborate set-up to incite terror in the hearts of America's youth, really destroyed the mere essence of what the 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' is and in effect, killed the original run of the franchise. If it wasn't for Platinum Dunes breathing new life into the series, who knows, there may not have ever been a 'Lair of Leatherface' today. A very rare 1 out of 10.

A.J.: This film is easily one of, if not the worst, horror films I have ever seen! I would rather go to the dentist and get a root canal without novocaine than to have to sit through this movie again. Renee Zellweger and Matthew McConaughey did well, but should be ashamed to have been a part of such an atrocity. Parts of this film were simply unwatchable, did not make any sense, and I simply could not stomach to see Leatherface dressed as a woman throughout the majority of the film and screaming and moaning like a bitch. The New York Post described this movie as a hilarious, bone-chilling remake of a horror classic. There is nothing bone-chilling about this movie, but it is hilarious that I would not watch it again if someone paid me. 'The Next Generation' gets a very rare, but well deserved 0 out of 10 for me.


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