The Placemints- Dancing On Top Of The World
G-Block- Got It On
Carey Moore- Thought I Was A Stud
Rick Riso- Lonesome
Brett Boyett- Normandy
Tom Leonard & Logan Mader- Closer To The Bone


John R. Butler- Hand Of The Almighty
Dave Lowe- A Tramp
Trey Songz feat. T.I.- 2 Reasons
Willa & The Buffalo Chips- Jimmy Crack Corn
Louis Prima- The Closer To The Bone (The Sweeter Is The Meat)
Mark Lanegan- The Beast In Me

Score Composed & Performed By- John Frizzell

"Doctor Z"
Written By Preston Hart, Ramon Villa
Performed By Think Original
Published By Primary Pulse Music (ASCAP)
Courtesy Of Think Music

Written By Darryl Pittman
Performed By DR Period
Courtesy Of Spirit Music Group

"Hand Of The Almighty"
Written By John R. Butler (ASCAP)
Performed By John R. Butler
From The Album "Surprise!"
Courtesy Of John R. Butler

"Dancing On Top Of The World"
Written By Seyed Milad Nazeri, Kristopher Cho Flagg
Kristen Mari Redmond, Joseph Paul Sabin, Shari J. Hill
Darius Taylor, Tracy S. Kendrick, Asani Yaphe Charles
And Bryan Joshua Bomwell
Performed By The Placemints
Courtesy Of Buzz Bridge Records & BZEE ROC Music Group, LLC
By Arrangement With Spirit Music Group
Courtesy Of Illegal Songs, Inc. (BMI)

"Got It On"
Produced By Richard 'Wolfie' Wolf
Performed By G-Block
Courtesy Of Richard 'Wolfie' Wolf
And The Producers Lab, Inc.

"A Tramp"
Written By Norma Conway & Connie Conway
Performed By Dave Lowe
From The Album "Cult Hits Of The 1950's, Vol. 1"
Published By Renda Music (BMI) And
Desert Palms Music Publishing (BMI)
Courtesy Of John P. Dixon For Liberty Bell
By Arrangement With Fervor Records
Vintage Masters

"2 Reasons"
Written By Tremaine Neverson, Troy Taylor
Najja McDowell, Clifford Harris, Menardini Timothee
And Kyle Stewart
Performed By Trey Songz Featuring T.I.
From The Album "Chapter V"
Published by April's Boy Muzik/Warner Chappell Music (BMI)
No Quincydence Music (BMI), Downtown DMP Songs (BMI)
Najja McDowell for Left Field Music (BMI)/Bar Raising Tracks (BMI)
Domani and Ya Majesty's Publishing/Warner Chappell Music (ASCAP)
Timothee Publishing (BMI), Kyle Stewart
T.I. Appears Courtesy Of Grand Hustle/Atlantic Recording Corporation

"Thought I Was A Stud"
Written By Carey Moore
Performed By Carey Moore
Courtesy Of Imaginary Friends

Written By Rick Riso & Cathy Riso
Performed By Rick Riso
Published By Engine Co. 35 Music Publishing (ASCAP)
Courtesy Of 5 Alarm Music

Written By Brett Boyett
Performed By Brett Boyett
Published By Engine Co. 30 Music Publishing (ASCAP)
Courtesy Of 5 Alarm Music

"Jimmy Crack Corn"
Performed By Willa & The Buffalo Chips
From The Album "Westward Ho! Let The Wagon Train Roll"

"Closer To The Bone"
Written By Louis Jones
Performed By Logan Mader & Tom Leonard
Arranged By Logan Mader & Tom Leonard
Published By Unichappell Music Inc. (BMI)
Courtesy Of Logan Mader

"The Closer To The Bone (The Sweeter Is The Meat)"
Written By Louis Jones
Performed By Louis Prima
From The Album "Ultra-Lounge Wild Cool & Swingin'"
Courtesy Of Capitol Records

"The Beast In Me"
Written By Mark Lanegan
Performed By Mark Lanegan
From The Soundtrack Album "The Hangover Part II"
Courtesy Of Watertower Music

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