Jim Manzie- Main Title
Jim Manzie- Leatherface Chases Michelle
Jim Manzie- Benny And Excalibur
Laaz Rockit- Leatherface
Wrath- When Worlds Collide
SGM- Power
Utter Lunacy- Monster Mash
SGM- Acid Rain
Blackmale- The Smooth Jam



1. Laaz Rockit- Leatherface
2. Death Angel- Bored
3. Wrath- When The Worlds Collide
4. Hurricane- Spark In My Heart
5. SGM- Power
6. Sacred Reich- One Nation
7. Utter Lunacy- Monster Mash
8. Wasted Youth- The Gift Of Death
9. The Obsession- Methods Of Madness
10. MX Machine- Psychotic Killing Machine


1. Main Title
2. Welcome To Texas
3. The Body Pit
4. Body Pit Transition
5. Armadillo Ran Over
6. Rearview Mirror A La Alfredo
7. Alfredo's Office Part 1
8. Alfredo's Office Part 2
9. Alfredo's Peep Show Part 1
10. Alfredo's Peep Show Part 2
11. Car Chase
12. Sliced Benz
13. Car Crash
14. Forest Part 1
15. Forest Part 2
16. Dead Tex
17. Sarah Appears
18. Sarah's Hand
19. Tink Flattens Benny
20. The Lovers Search For Benny
21. More Forest Music
22. Benny's Stings
23. They Watch The Road
24. They Watch The Road (Alternate)
25. Benny Springs The Trap
26. Leatherface Gets Sarah And Ryan
27. First Look At The Little Girl
28. First Look At The Little Girl (Alternate)
29. Leatherface Chases Sarah
30. Sarah And Ryan Kaput
31. Sarah And Ryan Kaput Part 2
32. Room Of Bones
33. Just Twitch
34. Benny Watches Alfredo
35. The Saw Is Family
36. One Down
37. Troubled Youth
38. The Pursuit Theme
39. That's It For Ryan
40. Michelle Gets Terrorized
41. Michelle Escapes
42. The Flesh Is Weak
43. Leatherface Chases Michelle
44. Benny And Excalibur
45. Sorry, Little Guy
46. Crispy Tex
47. Crispy Tex Part 2
48. Finale, Free At Last

Score Composed & Performed By- Jim Manzie & Patrick Regan

Written by Michael Soons, Aaron Jellum & Jeff Weller
Performed By Laaz Rockit
Produced By Bill Metoyer
From The Album "Taste Of Rebellion"
Courtesy Of Yellow Spine Music/La Rana Music (BMI)

Written By Rob Cavestany
Performed By Death Angel
Produced By Davy Vain, Rob Cavestany & Andy Galeon
From The Album "Frolic Through The Park"
Courtesy Of I.P.F.S. Rejected Youth/La Rana Music (BMI)

"When Worlds Collide"
Written By Wrath & Gary Golwitzer
Performed By Wrath
Produced By Ronnie Montrose For Azideam, Inc.
Courtesy Of FNGMN Music Publishing/El Porto Music (ASCAP)

"Spark In My Heart"
Written By Kelly Hansen, Jay Schellen
Tony Cavazo & Robert Sarzo
Performed By Hurricane
Produced By Mike Clink
From The Album "Over The Edge"
Courtesy Of Hurricane West/La Rana Music (BMI)

Written By SGM
Performed By SGM
Produced By SGM & Jack Endino
Courtesy Of Taint Music/La Rana Music (BMI)

"One Nation"
Written By Phil Rind & Wiley Arnett
Performed By Sacred Reich
Produced By Bug Music
From The Album "Still Ignorant"
Courtesy Of Bloody Skull Music (BMI)

"Monster Mash"
Written By Bobby Boris Pickett & Leonard L. Capizzi
Performed By Utter Lunacy
Produced By Gary S. Paxton Publications
Courtesy Of Acoustic Music (BMI)

"The Gift Of Death"
Written By Cliff Lehrer, Jeff Secombe & Dave Kushner
Performed By Wasted Youth
Produced By Darin Scheff
From The Album "Wasted Daze"
Courtesy Of Machine Gun Music/La Rana Music (BMI)

"Methods Of Madness"
Written By Bruce Vitale & Matt Karagus
Performed By The Obsession
From The Album "Methods Of Madness"
Courtesy Of Bee Three Tee Bee/La Rana Music (BMI)

"Psychotic Killing Machine"
Written by Diego Negrete, Lee Kaiser
Mitch Rellas & John Ayala
Performed By MX Machine
From The Album "Manic Panic"
Courtesy Of American Bonehead Music/La Rana Music (BMI)

"The Smooth Jam"
Written By Robert Adams & Tracey Cobb
Performed By Blackmale
Produced By Tracey Cobb
From The Album "Let It Swing"
Courtesy Of Ruffhouse Music/La Rana Music (BMI)

"Acid Rain"
Written By SGM
Performed By SGM
Produced By SGM & Jack Endino
Courtesy Of Taint Music/La Rana Music (BMI)

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