1. This film marked the first credited role for Marilyn Burns (Verna Carson) in 28 years.

2. Platinum Dunes abandoned the series following their 2006 film 'TCM: The Beginning'. In 2009, Twisted Pictures negotiated a multi-picture deal with rightsholders Bob Kuhn and Kim Henkel.

3. Originally, a new trilogy was pitched. The films would be released out of chronological order, with the second film coming out first and being set almost entirely in a hospital. The next film would be a prequel explaining the events that led up to the hospital scenario; and the third film would complete the storyline. Fearing it was too ambitious and risky, the producers opted for a follow up to the original instead.

4. On the day of the fire stunts inside the burning Sawyer House, it was 106 degrees in Shreveport, Louisiana, where they filmed.

5. This film features four actors returning from previous installments, surpassing the record of three set by 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation' (1994).

6. Thom Barry's character, Sheriff Hooper, is named after Tobe Hooper, who wrote and directed the first two films.

7. This film was not screened in advance for critics, so that the unknown would appeal the fan base without giving away too many details.

8. Three different actors portrayed Leatherface in the film: Gunnar Hansen in archived footage, Sam McKinzie as Young Leatherface, and Dan Yeager as the main one.

9. The movie was filmed in July and August 2011, but not released until January 2013.

10. According to producer Carl Mazzocone, the idea behind this film was to set up a modern day Hatfield's vs. McCoy's western-style film.

11. While shooting the burning house, several crew members supposedly spotted the devil's face inside the flames. if true, what an omen that was.

12. With the idea of re-launching the franchise, multi-picture deals were signed with Alexandra Daddario, Dan Yeager, Thom Barry, Scott Eastwood, and Richard Riehle.

13. Dan Yeager (Leatherface) credits Gunnar Hansen for his performance, and said he just wanted to do the role justice, and make the transition as seamless as possible from Gunnar's character to his.

14. For the opening sequence, the original 16 mm prints of the film were re-scanned, cleaned and converted to 3D.

15. The Sawyer House was re-produced to technical perfection, completely identical to the original house, which is now a restaurant in Kingsland, Texas.

16. The photo of the wedding couple on the wall was actually of Carl Mazzocone's parents, slightly altered.

17. When Kenny gets hooked, Leatherface actually ran full speed out of frame to make the effect scarier as he emerged into the light.

18. The butler's pantry was actually as far as that set piece went. For all of the dungeon shots, another set was built in an abandoned department store nearby.

19. Leatherface was originally supposed to talk in the film. He was supposed to yell "Bad!" repeatedly while pummeling Officer Marvin, and mumble "Sawyer" when he sees Heather's burn mark and realizes who she is.

20. The meat factory was actually a munitions plant in Louisiana used during the Vietnam War.

21. The scene where Heather meets Carl in town was the first scene filmed during production.

22. The voice of the Pig Mask Killer at the carnival was actually director John Luessenhop's 13-year-old son Dashiell.

23. Drayton Sawyer (Bill Moseley) actually suggested an alternate ending to the film, something more comedic along the lines of TCM Part 2. In it, Heather, holding a bottle of Jack Daniels, opens the door to the dungeon, and when Leatherface appears, Heather, realizing they are the last two in the Sawyer bloodline, says, "ok, cuz, let's do this" or "do your thing, cuz".

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