1. In an alternate take of the opening of the film, Grandpa is shown walking into the hog pen and taking the sledgehammer to a couple of them offscreen while young Jed watches from outside the fence. He then sneaks a peek as Grandpa guts the hog and takes it away to hang up. Jed then sneaks in closer and gets a first glimpse of the infamous chainsaw, which Grandpa left on the butcher's table. Jed reaches out and touches the bloody chainsaw for the very first time, then gets scared away by the shrieks of the hogs. A different version of the main title of the film is then shown.

BETTY (1:40)

2. In what was probably intended to be a touching moment to add depth to Hal Hartman's character, Hal is shown walking through a field toward a grave site, which is revealed to be that of his daughter, Betty, who fell into the Sawyer's pit in the barn and had a motor dropped on her. Hal kneels down by the gravestone and cries, saying, "my baby...I miss you every day". As he collects himself, he looks up to see a strand of bones hanging in the tree above the grave, presumably belonging to the Sawyers. Realizing this, Hal almost instantly changes, becoming the cold-blooded, merciless hunter that he is for the remainder of the film.

CLOTHES (2:44)

3. Originally, the scene where Ike and the others change their clothes was done in broad daylight. The scene is very similar to what was shown theatrically in the dark. The main difference is that Ike tells them they are going to Austin and not Mexico as he says in the theater version. Lizzy says she's not going to Austin, and Jackson backs her up. But then Ike pulls a knife on them and threatens them, much like the final cut. Again, it was almost the same except it was in daylight and not dark.

THE PIT (4:21)

4. Originally, the barn scene between Hal and the Sawyers ran longer and featured some gruesome shots of Jed down in the pit. Lizzy tries to talk Hal out of the entire thing, telling him it would be pre-meditated murder. The Sawyers then arrive, and Lizzy calls out to them, telling them that Hal is insane. Hal explains just who the Sawyers are, then drops Jed into the pit anyway. As a result, he is pummeled by Drayton with two blows from the sledgehammer. Verna, seizing the opportunity, pleads with her family to rescue Jed, who has flashbacks to his youth. There, he watches from the back seat of the police car as Hal and Verna argue about their future. He slowly collects himself and hears Verna calling out to him. Drayton and Nubbins then pull Jed out of the pit, and Verna gives Jed the chainsaw. Confused and injured, Jed staggers over to Hal, who is slowly coming to, and slices him across the chest with the saw. But when he moves in to finish him off, Lizzy grabs Hal's gun from the ground and shoots at Jed, hitting the chainsaw and knocking him off balance. After that, Lizzy retreats, but the screen cuts to black as Drayton and Nubbins reach out to grab her.


5. The scene between Jackson and Lizzy in the trailer originally ran much longer. There was much more depth given to both during this scene, as Jackson clearly struggles with his feelings of hatred inside versus his potential feelings for Lizzy. Jackson tells her that when they get to Austin, he is willing to let her go, all while thinking he's just as bad, if not worse than Ike. Lizzy tells him he's nothing like Ike, and that she's not leaving without him. Jackson, stunned, asks her why, and she says it's her job to take care of him and then goes into a backstory where she was molested by a cousin. They then share an intimate moment, but when Lizzy tries to kiss Jackson, he backs away and questions her why she did that. She tells him, "cause I like you...I think you're good". Jackson fires back that "there's nothing good about me", but Lizzy refuses to believe that he "means to be cruel". She then tells him, "we'll figure something out", to which Jackson replies, "as soon as Ike's asleep". It was obviously trimmed down for timing purposes.


6. In a much different and gorier ending, Lizzy runs upstairs instead of going outside. There, she finds Grandpa sitting in his rocker. Soon after, she is followed by Verna and then Jed, who enters with his chainsaw. Lizzy, in total shock, tries to talk Jed out of it, but he throws her down to the floor while Verna, in the background, gives him orders to kill her. Jed, completely torn mentally, finally relents and puts the chainsaw into her leg but stops there, with tears in his eyes. Grandpa then knocks Lizzy unconscious, courtesy of a sledgehammer shot to the head. The scene then cuts to what was shown theatrically, with Verna burning clothes in a barrel and Drayton and Nubbins feeding the hogs. After that, the shot of Jed, now transformed into Leatherface, is extended, but this time, Lizzy is alive and tied up in the basement with him. Leatherface is showing sewing together the top half of Hal Hartman's face with the bottom half of Lizzy's face, which is noticeably gone from her still-living body. Leatherface then puts on his new creation and gets behind Lizzy, putting his chainsaw between her legs. Then, as he prepares to bisect her, the screen fades to white.

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