1. In an alternate opening to the film, Drayton tells the young Leatherface to "clean up that sh*t" and to "bury your brother later". This is an obvious reference to the Black Maria trucker from the original film (who was hung on a hook behind Leatherface) and the Hitchhiker, who was killed by the truck. After that, Sheriff Hooper shows up, and the argument runs a little longer, with Drayton telling the sheriff that Leatherface was "protectin' the house...protectin' the family" and that there were "strangers comin' up on the property". Soon after, Boss Sawyer tells Drayton, "that boy ain't never been right...even for a Sawyer".


2. In a scene cut down because of its content, Leatherface originally kills the Pig Mask killer at the carnival, splitting her down the middle with his chainsaw. He also went on a rampage at the carnival, carving up more people along the way. This was all cut for budgetary and rating purposes.


3. In one of the more popular conventions nowadays, there was an after-credit scene in the film. In it, the Millers show up at the Carson House hoping to strike it rich based on Heather's inheritance. Arlene tells Gavin to "tell her you love her". Gavin laughs and says, "with this kind of money, I kinda do". They then ring the door bell, but are met at the door by Leatherface, who chases them away with his chainsaw.


4. In the cast commentary, Bill Moseley who played Drayton Sawyer, actually suggested an alternate ending to the film, something more comedic along the lines of TCM Part 2. In it, Heather, holding a bottle of Jack Daniels, opens the door to the dungeon, and when Leatherface appears, Heather, realizing they are the last two in the Sawyer bloodline, says, "ok, cuz, let's do this" or "do your thing, cuz".

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