1. There is an alternate cut of when Alfredo is watching Michelle in the restroom. In it, Alfredo grabs a bible off of his desk nearby and says "I'm not worthy to receive you, bitch". It was cut for the religious connotations and the potential controversy it may have caused.


2. The death scene for Sara was cut substantially in order to allow New Line to gain the 'R' rating for the film. There was a ton of blood and gore cut, and the scene originally lasted a lot longer. Blood splatters all over the screen during the take, and her body shakes even more violently.


3. In addition to all the blood and gore cut from Sara's death scene, there was also an alternate angle filmed, showing Leatherface sawing through her body from behind the tree she was up against. You can see Leatherface right through the tree (and Sara's body) while he's sawing away at her. It was, of course, cut to gain the 'R' rating.


4. There is a longer version of the scene where the little girl feeds Grandpa. There is a lot more blood, and it actually shows her feeding Grandpa and the blood that goes down his throat and the front of his clothes.


5. There was a longer extended version of Ryan's death scene that actually shows the sledgehammer swinging down and striking him in the head after the little girl pulls the cord. Blood starts to splatter and she goes over and lets the cup fill with blood. After that, she takes it over to Leatherface, who accepts it and sets it on the table.


6. Originally, Benny dies in the workprint of the film. However, New Line felt that his character played well with their test audiences, so they did some re-shoots after principal photography allowing Benny to survive so he would be around for the sequel (which never materialized). In the original version, you actually see the chainsaw cut into half of Benny's head, and Leatherface then lets his body sink into the bog, followed by the chainsaw.


7. One of the original ideas in the script was that Tinker would have an obsession with chrome-plating everything, including bones of animals and his victims. This led to an early idea for his death scene to be Tinker falling into a vat of chrome and being essentially "chromed to death". This was never filmed and cut for budgetary reasons.


8. There was a scene in the original script that explored Leatherface's fascination with women's clothes and makeup, as a nod to the original, where Leatherface put makeup on. In it, he would apply makeup and wear a pink ballet dress, with a leather biker jacket on the outside. This was cut from the script before filming began.


9. Originally, Benny is killed by Leatherface in the bog, and as he moves in to get Michelle, Tex re-emerges, all burnt and crispy, and attacks Michelle. She manages to fight him off, and he subsequently triggers one of the family's booby traps and is impaled against a tree. Leatherface then attacks her from the bog like the theatrical version, and Michelle fights him off and escapes. She sinks against a tree and starts singing "hush little baby". At sunrise, Michelle finds the road, and a police car approaches with its lights flashing. As she approaches, she is surprised to see the little girl in the backseat, waving at her with her Sally doll. The camera then zooms in on the rear bumper, where there is a sticker that reads "Don't Mess With Texas". The car then drives away and leaves her there stranded.


10. There was also a second alternate ending planned but never shot. In it, Michelle escapes Leatherface in the bog, and the following sunrise stumbles upon the sheriff's station. She manages to get inside and hysterically start to tell her story, and the sheriff tells her to relax and sits her down. The sheriff pretends like he is going to help her, but then a chainsaw is revealed hiding under his desk, implying that the whole town is involved with the Sawyer family.


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