1. When Verna and Farnsworth delivered the court order allowing visitation with her son Bud, they would not have to produce a second order for the warden to search the records. They would simply ask that he be held in contempt of court as checking the records to produce Bud is implied in the original court order.

2. During the clothes-changing scene at the fence, Bud removes his white gown to change. But after he gets dressed, when Clarice and Ike go to let Jackson out of the trunk, Bud is seen pulling the gown off again in the background.

3. When the patron is stabbed in the neck by Clarice, it is clearly evident he is wearing an appliance to pull off the effect, but this was probably due to budgetary restrictions.

4. When the escapees arrive at the abandoned trailer in the middle of the night, the moon is full. However, not long after, when Elizabeth attempts to run away, the moon shown is only a half moon.

5. The corpse the escapees find at the abandoned trailer is obviously fake.

6. Throughout the movie, the way Hal pronounces Deputy Sorrels' name changes. At one point, it is pronounced SOR-RAILS, while in another scene it is SOR-RELLS, and then back and forth a few times.

7. How is it possible that Jackson, Lizzy AND Bud all fit inside the corpse of the steer while hiding from the police?

8. An awful lot of damage is done to Jackson's face during the chase from just ONE gunshot.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps the bullet ripped apart upon impact, resulting in the rapid spreading of damage to his face.

9. It was an unexpected reveal at the end of the film with Jackson becoming Jed/Leatherface, but in reality, he is way too skinny in build to actually be Leatherface. The character itself was always much taller and had a thicker build than actor Sam Strike.

10. When Hal is killed, it is very easy to tell it is just actor Stephen Dorff's head sticking through an elaborate appliance, but this was more than likely another casualty of the thin budget.

11. The song "It's Over" is incorrectly attributed to "Patti Ma Salle" in the credits. The artist's name is actually Patti La Salle.

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