1. The film is supposedly set to take place in 2012. At the beginning of the film, Heather Miller is shown to have been a baby in 1973. This would make Heather at least 39 years old in present day. However, her character is obviously much younger than that (her actress Alexandra Daddario was only 26 years old at the time of filming).

EXPLANATION: The filmmakers tried to cover this up by never referring to the year of the opening sequence. This becomes evident later in the film, when all the gravestones say August 19th, but the date is either missing or covered up by weeds. They even refer to their own goof in the commentary of the film several times.

2. During the opening sequence, a Dodge Diplomat squad car is visible. How can this be, when Dodge only produced the Diplomat during the 1980s and into the early 1990s?

3. At the beginning of the movie, when Sheriff Hooper arrives at the house, the flashing blue police lights on his vehicle change between on and off in different shots.

4. The date the Sawyer House was burned down was August 19th. However, later on, when Heather is looking over the evidence at the police station, the newspaper is dated August 19th. In reality, the news wouldn't have made it to print until the next day's publication, which would have been August 20th. Also, the year was missing from the front page of the publication as well, which was another attempt to cover up the error made in Heather's age.

5. Compared to the original film, where he was a total invalid, Grandpa sure seemed pretty spry. He moved a lot more and was a lot more coherent of his surroundings than he was portrayed in the original.

6. When Darryl is picked up at the gas station, it is supposedly raining heavily. However, when the camera points inside the van, it can be clearly seen that there is no rain behind the van.

EXPLANATION: Another snafu referenced during the commentary, where the producer mentions the fake rainstorm.

7. There are many obvious 3D moments in the film which were only put there to utilize the new medium. Shots like Leatherface running directly at the camera, revving his chainsaw, and throwing his chainsaw at the screen were all blatantly inserted for 3D.

8. When Heather escapes Leatherface's dungeon, she runs right up the stairs and is magically transported into the foyer of the house. In reality, if she ran up those stairs, she would have exited back into the kitchen.

9. When Leatherface cuts through the coffin, you can clearly tell this an insert shot and not actually happening with Heather beneath it.

10. When Ryan and the girls ram the gate trying to escape, the VW van suddenly has engine trouble. How can this be, when the engine on a VW van is located in the REAR of the vehicle?

11. Why would Leatherface just run away from the carnival after throwing his saw at Carl? And for that matter, why would he throw the saw, his only defense, away to begin with?

12. When Ryan's decapitated head is shown in Leatherface's dungeon, it is obviously fake.

13. When Heather is hit by Ollie in the car outside Johnny B. Red's bar, it is noticeable that the stunt double looked right toward the car before it struck her.

14. When Officer Marvin uses FaceTime to show Burt and Sheriff Hooper what he sees inside the Carson House, his iPhone clearly focuses (indicated by the blue square in the center of the screen). This does not happen during a video call, which indicates he was only on his camera, and switched to it every time he was shown again.

15. Toward the end of the film, Burt gets on the CB to alert his son and others that they are going out to the slaughterhouse. Leatherface, stashing the police car, hears this, so he knows where to go. Wouldn't Sheriff Hooper have heard this too? He never figures out where the others are until Farnsworth shows up at the station much later.

16. Knowing his family's history with the Sawyer's and what it would mean if Heather learned the truth, why would Carl dig up the entire file on the 1973 massacre?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Carl was just doing his job, and showing that to Sheriff Hooper.

17. During the climactic battle with Burt and Ollie, the CGI is noticeable throughout. From the time Heather stabs Ollie with the pitchfork and pulls it out, to the time Leatherface slices Burt's Achilles and ultimately, his hands, you can tell it is all fake. In addition, when Burt gets chewed up by the meat grinder, those special effects weren't very special, either.

18. At the very end of the film, Heather locks Leatherface back up in his dungeon. Why would she (or Verna Carson before her) even do this if there was more than one exit to the house? If he really wanted to, Leatherface could have just walked right out the second exit Heather used while escaping him earlier in the film.

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