1. Though the film is set in 1969, the soundtrack features songs that were not released until after 1969. Free's hit song 'All Right Now' plays on the radio while introducing Chrissy, Dean, Bailey and Eric. The song was not actually released until the summer of 1970.

EXPLANATION: As with the first film, the producers were off by a year. Maybe the dates were changed in post-production, creating the error.

2. The slim design of the chainsaw Leatherface used would not have been around in 1969. The models of that time period had considerably bulkier engines. The one he had didn't appear until the mid 1980s.

3. In the beginning of the film, shots of Leatherface chopping meat arbitrarily change from his right arm to his left arm, back to his right again.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Leatherface, as good as he was with meat, was ambidextrous.

4. In the beginning, Leatherface kills the former supervisor of the meat factory. Later, Chrissie encounters the dead body in the office while she is running away If the Hewitt's were struggling that badly, wouldn't they have eaten the supervisor's body by that time like they did the former sheriff that Charlie killed?

5. The flip-flops Chrissie uses by the pool were made in Brazil and bear a Brazilian flag. Although the brand is quite old, the model with the flag is recent (mid-1990s) and thus, would not have been around back then.

6. Eric's Jeep carried two official state license plates, one on the front and one on the back. How many people actually do that?

7. The Texas license plates on Eric's Jeep have, what appear to be, a month and year validation sticker on either side of the state name. Texas didn't start using those stickers until 1975. The plates should have read 19 Texas 69, all indented.

8. When Eric's Jeep starts to flip over, just before it gets towed away, you can see the floor automatic transmission lever is in 'park'. And when the camera looks out the front window at Monty and the tow truck, you can see the shift lever on the steering column in 'park' as well.

9. During Eric's plastic-wrap suffocation, his hands go from being tied at the ends of the crossbar to together and back again, as evidenced by his arms spread wide or close to his ears.

10. When Sheriff Hoyt makes Dean do push-ups, he orders 20. However, on the official soundtrack listing, there is a track called 'Ten Push-Ups'.

11. While Hoyt hoses down Dean and Eric to clean the blood from their skin and clothes, the shot changes and it goes from dry, to wet, to dry again.

12. When Bailey is tied under the kitchen table, the Tea Lady starts to wipe the blood off her face. The camera then focuses on the lady as she sings, then cuts back to Bailey, whose face is bloody again.

13. When Eric and Bailey are escaping, the outside door is clearly wide open. Later, when Hoyt comes down the stairs and sees them, they push the Tea Lady up against the door. In different shots, the outside door is either closed or ajar when they push her up against the door.

14. When Eric and Bailey push the Tea Lady up against the door, it is clearly evident that the door is attached to the chair the Tea Lady is sitting on.

15. The pistol Holden (the biker) used is a Smith and Wesson model 586, 357 mag. That particular model wasn't introduced until the early 1980s.

16. When Leatherface goes up the stairs to help Sheriff Hoyt, he grabs his chainsaw. In the next shot, as he opens the door and steps through, the chainsaw is gone.

17. When Chrissie jumps out the window to escape, look closely. The producers must have took notes from previous films, because the stunt glass broke cleanly and evenly, and Chrissie was not immediately cut or bruised. However, in subsequent shots, the cuts and bruises magically appear.

18. When Dean tries to escape, he gets his foot trapped in a bear trap, which should have broken his ankle. But when he goes to help Chrissie in the meat factory, he is able to walk and even run on it.

19. The body of the supervisor, left there by Leatherface under the table that collapsed on him, should have been decayed much more than it was by the time Chrissie finds him.

20. At the end when the guy is pulled over by the trooper on the side of the road, the cop is standing on the left of the vehicle. Real policemen stand to the right of the vehicle, away from the street, to prevent such an accident from happening.

21. In the meat factory, Chrissie hides in the blood pool, and is covered from head to toe. But later, when she is driving away, she is clean.

22. At the very end of the movie when the car hits the trooper and the guy he pulled over, as the car comes to a stop, the bodies are nowhere near the center line of the highway. Then, as Leatherface begins to walk away, the bodies are somehow closer to the center line. After that, on the last shot of the accident, one of the bodies is completely over the center line and directly in the middle of the highway.

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