1. As Heather is driving off and Barry is chasing after her, in one shot you can see the back tire hubcap roll off of the car Heather is driving. But in the next shot the hubcap is still on.

2. In the car crash, the boy is wearing a black shirt in the wide shot, but in the close-up, it is white.

3. When Jenny and the group enters Darla's real estate trailer, her sign is visible. After they exit the trailer, it is gone.

4. When Darla asks Jenny in which direction the accident happened, Jenny says, "back that way", but never points or gives any indication to which direction it occurred.

5. Barry's position changes while the boy collapses after the car crash.

6. When Vilmer first shows up in his tow truck, the door reads, "Wrecking". Later, it reads, "Illuminati Wrecking".

7. When Barry and Heather are walking along in the woods, look closely. As Barry says, "That bitch, she started this whole thing", his collar changes from tucked under his black suit to suddenly being out, between shots.

8. Darla's real estate trailer window gets smashed by some local boys, and when she flashes them, you can see there is some kind of netting in the window which is ripped. In the next shot, the netting has vanished from the window.

9. Why would Barry and Heather just leave Jenny in the middle of the woods like that and run after a truck? Wouldn't they have wondered what happened to her when she suddenly wasn't with them anymore?

10. When Jenny's batteries "die" in her flashlight, you can clearly tell she just turns the switch off.

11. When the motorbike rides by, Jenny runs after it yelling "No, wait!" In this shot, Jenny has the flashlight in her right hand and the big red rose as part of her prom outfit is on her left breast. However, the next shot is obviously flipped, as the flashlight is now in her left hand and the rose is on her right breast.

12. When Jenny is standing at the open door of Vilmer's truck, she has her left hand resting on the truck door. In the next shot, it's her right hand resting on the door. And then, the shot after that, it's back to being the left hand again.

13. When Jenny is in the tow truck with Vilmer, there is a radio speaker hanging on a wire next to her. When she asks, "What's gonna happen to me?" between shots, the radio speaker disappears from the end of the wire.

14. When Vilmer puts in his cassette tape, the music starts right away. It is clearly not synched up, as a cassette player takes a few seconds to start playing.

15. As Vilmer and Jenny are driving along in his tow truck, in some shots of Vilmer, through the glass of the truck behind him, you can see a crewmember in white, wearing a watch.

16. When Leatherface grabs Heather on the porch, he pulls her toward the door and then rams into the door with Heather in his arms going into the door first. However, when it changes to an interior shot of the house, and they come bursting through the door, Leatherface comes in first with his back to the door.

17. When Leatherface breaks through the door to get Heather, you can tell the door is not on any hinges and just hanging there ready to be thrown down.

18. When Leatherface puts Heather in the freezer, Heather's silk gloves are rolled right down her arms in one shot, but are half-folded up in the next.

19. When Heather is taken out of the freezer, her dress is almost torn. But when she is placed on the meat hook, her dress is back to normal.

20. When Leatherface gets Heather in the house, he grabs her and drags her down the hallway. As he enters a room, Heather grabs the sides of the doorway to pull herself away from him. In the shot, you can see the wall to the right of the doorway has a mirror on the wall, but nothing else, and on the counter below is a few lone light-bulbs and a coke can. However, in the next shot, so many objects magically appear. There are now meat hooks, chains and belts hanging on the wall on either side of the mirror, and the counter is now covered in canisters, metal barrels and boxes.

21. When Leatherface is going after Heather, he breaks through the door, and a large portion of the door breaks out and falls to the floor. But in the next shot, the same part of the door that fell out is still broke off, but is now half hanging from the door and then falls off again.

EXPLANATION: This was the result of multiple takes to get it right (and they didn't even do that!).

22. How the hell can someone be hung on a hook and survive? That was just unbelievable.

23. When Leatherface chases Jenny, she locks the front door and then Leatherface uses his chainsaw to break through the door. However, in a reverse shot, some of the door that Leatherface previously broke off is now back intact.

24. As Leatherface breaks parts of the front door out with his chainsaw, there are three very large cracks in the door, presumably to help him break the parts of the door out In all previous shots, there were no cracks in the same part of the door.

25. When Jenny runs upstairs and notices the police officer in the corner of the room, the door changes positions and is open wider between shots.

26. When Jenny jumps through the window to get away from Leatherface, the window next to it is closed. Seconds later, that same window is open.

27. As Jenny escapes, she smashes a window, breaking the middle wooden slat. When Leatherface returns to the window, the wooden slat is now back in place.

28. Also in that scene, you can tell it is two different takes from when Jenny (Renee Zellweger) leaps at the window, and when the stunt double actually jumps through it and takes the bump. The glass was also noticeably fake, as Jenny's cuts and bruises didn't magically show up until she was already up on the wire.

29. When Jenny jumps through the window, as she lands on the roof she rolls to the side and her legs fly upward. During this time, you can clearly see she has protective padded socks on to protect her ankles In all shots before and after that, she is barefoot.

30. When Leatherface chases Jenny on the roof, he starts knocking bricks off of the chimney with his chainsaw. In the next shot, somehow some of those bricks that fell off are back on it in the next shot.

EXPLANATION: Another result of multiple takes.

31. As Jenny is climbing up the big antenna on the roof, Leatherface swings his chainsaw at it. In shots of him swinging the chainsaw, Jenny has magically disappeared from the top. You can almost see the whole thing, and she isn't there.

32. When Jenny jumps on the wire, her position changes between shots.

33. As part of her prom outfit, Jenny wears a white silk scarf loosely around her neck. As Leatherface chases her through the muddy river, the scarf falls down her body to her waist. But in the next shot, it's somehow back around her neck. After this, she removes the scarf from her neck and throws it in the river three times between shots.

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Jenny got tired of the silk scarf not staying put, and finally decided just to get rid of it.

34. When Jenny runs to Darla's trailer after being chased by Leatherface, she runs inside and trips, and her dress pulls upward, evealing the flesh-colored kneepads she's wearing for the stunt.

35. When Darla is at the drive-thru at Bud's Pizza, she gets out the car to go around to the trunk and tell Jenny off. As she does, you can see the reflection of arms holding a boom mic in the backseat.

36. After getting the pizzas at Bud's, Darla walks across the porch and stops to yell at W.E. During this time, the door behind them goes from wide open to shut between shots.

37. When Darla arrives home with the pizzas, the pizza boxes rotate in her hands a few times, evident by the large word "PIZZA" printed on one side of the box.

38. When Vilmer says to Jenny, "I asked you a goddamn question," Darla is looking inside a cabinet in the background. But in the next shot, she's somehow back at the table putting make-up on.

39. Between shots from when Vilmer leaves the kitchen (and throws the big broken part of door at the wall) and then when W.E. leaves the kitchen seconds later, the trash over the hallway floor and the kitchen floor (cardboard, wood, paper) drastically differs position and location, and additional trash also magically appears.

40. W.E. brings a big part of a door into the kitchen and says, "Look at what your brother did to this door", and then leans it up against the other door. Moments later, the big section of the door is now lying on the floor. Not long after that, it is leaning back up against the door again.

EXPLANATION: Simple continuity error that could have been avoided.

41. The cut above Jenny's left eye differs in various scenes. For instance, in the kitchen scene, it is at least a centimeter above her eyebrow. But later, in the scene where Vilmer holds the knife up to her throat, it is right above her eyebrow.

42. While Vilmer is standing on Darla's throat, we see her laying across the floor horizontally away from him. But in the next shot, she is now laying vertically to him.

43. When Vilmer says, "Welcome to my world", his mouth actually says, "Welcome to my home".

EXPLANATION: This was the result of a last-minute script re-write.

44. Since when would Leatherface let Jenny tell him off? In the original film, the Cook yelled at him a lot, but Leatherface would never back down to a victim, let alone listen to anything they had to say.

45. When Vilmer sets Heather on fire, the flame disappears and then reappears between shots.

46. Also in that scene, when Vilmer sets her on fire, you can clearly tell that it is a dummy that's set on fire and not the actor.

47. Right before Vilmer sets Heather on fire, check out Darla in the background. She is already reaching for the fire extinguisher. Why would she do that, when there was no hint of Vilmer setting her on fire yet?

48. When Jenny runs out the front door, she falls over. She then gets up and slides across the hood of the car. As she does this, you can see the black knee-pads she's wearing.

49. When Jenny is trying to break out of the boarded up "window", look closely. There is clearly no window there at all.

50. What are the odds that Jenny would back the car up right where Vilmer could jump on it? In a real-life situation, she would have just backed up slightly, then floored it if she really wanted out of there.

51. When Leatherface is chasing Jenny, she gets into the couple's RV. After Leatherface tries to get in, it cuts to an exterior shot and shows Leatherface is running along with the RV. During this take, you can see a crewmember with a cap on running behind him offscreen.

52. In the end, when Jenny is sitting in a chair at the hospital with the cop, in the glass screen behind him, you can see the reflection of the gurney which will be pushed on-screen a few seconds later. The orderly is obviously waiting with the gurney for his cue to come past.

53. Matthew McConaughey's name is misspelled in the ending credits as "McConnaughey".

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