1. What road in Texas is actually called 'Texas Road'?

2. Near the beginning of the movie, when Alfredo takes Michelle's picture, the position of his hands change several times when he is holding the photograph.

3 When Michelle and Tex are at the gas station standing in front of the car talking, the camera crew is reflected on the grill of the car.

4. This movie supposedly takes place out in the middle of nowhere, miles away from civilization, but numerous times throughout the movie you can see lights from houses in the background.

5. When Alfredo shoots out Michelle and Ryan's car window, look closely. The gunshot is clearly not synched up or timed to coincide with the window shattering.

6. The painkillers Benny gives Michelle and Ryan take effect almost instantly and then wear off in about five minutes. What painkiller has that effect so quickly, only to wear off just as fast?

7. When TInker first appears, you can tell his claw is actually an extension of his real hand.

8. Where did Leatherface get that leg brace? And since when did he walk so slowly?

EXPLANATION: His new family rehabilitated his injuries from Part 2, but because of the wounds, he's slowed down considerably.

9. How could Leatherface come back after being nearly disemboweled by Lefty Enright in Part 2? And where was this family in the other two films?

10. If Grandpa was killed in the explosion at the end of Part 2, how is he still around in this one?

EXPLANATION: With the large extended family, this could have been another grandfather altogether.

11. Since when is Leatherface intelligent enough to use a computer?

12. After Ryan is hit with the sledgehammer hanging upside down, you can tell from that point that it is a fake dummy being used.

13. When Leatherface kills Sara, it is obvious the chains on the chainsaw are not moving.

14. Since when does Leatherface show love to anyone, particularly a little girl?

EXPLANATION: The girl was credited as Leatherface's daughter.

15. Leatherface's name in the first two films is Bubba. Now all of a sudden, his name is Junior?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps the new family gave him a new identity so he could start fresh.

16. At various times throughout the film, you can tell that Mama is not really using the throat assist to talk, merely that it is a device attached to her perfectly-normal throat.

17. When Grandpa is shot up by Benny, you can clearly tell it is a dummy.

18. When Tinker's fingers are shot off, it is obviously fake, and if you look very closely, you can even tell that Tinker is holding up the apparatus that contains the fake fingers used in the scene.

19. When did Leatherface learn how to drive, particularly with all those injuries?

20. What was with the heavy metal soundtrack that suddenly came onto the scene toward the end of the film? Wasn't Jim Manzie's original score spooky enough? It was clearly out of place.

21. Why on earth does Michelle call Leatherface a "sorry little guy" when there is nothing even remotely little nor sorry about him?

EXPLANATION: Perhaps Michelle either felt sorry for him was saying "sorry, little guy", or was just simply calling a him a "sorry little guy". Either way, the acting was horrible and the line had no place in the film.

22. At the end of the film, Benny and Michelle emerge from the woods and are completely dry. How can this be? Both of them spent the previous night fighting Leatherface in the bog and were soaking wet.

23. In all of the early video editions, at the very end of the movie when Michelle closes the truck door after Benny gets in, the sound of the door slamming shut is heard before the door actually closes. This has been corrected on the DVD version, however.

24. At the end of the movie, the chainsaw falls into the bog and slowly begins to sink. The chainsaw's weight would have caused it to sink almost immediately, and it would have quit running once it became waterlogged. In addition to that, no one was operating it, so how could it have been going that long?

25. How did Benny survive, given that he had his head lowered onto a moving chainsaw and was nearly hacked in half?

EXPLANATION: Benny was killed off in the original script. Imagine director Jeff Burr's surprise when he saw what happened to his film when it finally hit the big screen. Thanks to all the edits and cuts forced by the MPAA, Benny was brought back in the hopes of securing him for a sequel (which never happened).

26. It is obvious throughout the film that the location is out west and not in Texas.

EXPLANATION: Director Jeff Burr wanted to film in Texas, but he was overruled by New Line executives. In fact, the house was already built in California before Burr even came on board to direct, so he was forced to work with what he was given.

27. There were two glaring errors on the movie poster: Ken Foree's name is credited as 'Ken Force', and Toni Hudson is listed as 'Tom Hudson'.

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