1. When the group pulls over to let Franklin relieve himself, you can't actually hear Franklin peeing into the can. Later, when the truck goes by and causes Franklin to roll down the hill, nothing spills out of the can that he supposedly peed in.

2. It is obviously noticeable when the Hitchhiker cuts his hand that he is merely spreading fake blood around his hand.

3. After the Hitchhiker cuts his own hand, he laughs and waves his knife. Watch carefully and you can see the hose behind the blade that the fake blood came through.

4. When the group picks up the Hitchhiker, he goes crazy and cuts Franklin's arm, so they throw him out. As they throw him out, the windows in the van are shut. One shot later, back inside the van, the windows are open.

EXPLANATION: Again, it was very hot that summer, and the cast was complaining that it was too hot inside the van, so there are probably many more shots like this throughout the film.

5. When the Hitchhiker is thrown out of the van and starts to blow raspberries at the van, a clapper board (and possible crew member wearing a red t-shirt) can be seen reflected in the window. Considering that nobody in the scene is wearing a red t-shirt, it can not possibly be any of the cast.

6. The blood the hitchhiker smears on the van is gone in the long shot a few seconds later.

7. When the van pulls up to the service station and The Cook comes out, there is a red 'Open' sign on the door. Later, it is gone.

8. When the group arrives at the service station, the weather conditions change from overcast skies to the sun brightly shining with each different camera angle.

EXPLANATION: The shots were taken on different days, and the lighting often changed from shot to shot.

9. As the group pulls up to the service station, check out the position of the gas pump's hose and its shadow. A shot later, the gas pump's shadow has vanished and the gas pump's hose is positioned differently.

10. When the man at the service station washes the van, the floor around the front of the van is totally wet after he finishes. But as the group leaves, that same section is dry.

EXPLANATION: It was so blistering hot the summer they filmed, it is very possible the water evaporated and dried very quickly.

11. While at the service station, Franklin is looking for his knife. Kirk is sitting in the front seat, and Franklin asks him if he's seen his knife. The only problem is, Franklin calls him "Kurt" instead of Kirk.

12. Whenever Pam gets hung on the meat hook, you can obviously tell that she was placed on an apparatus to hang there instead of actually on the hook. This is really noticeable when Leatherface finally puts her up there.

13. Why would Sally wait so long before going to look for the others? The way the film plays out, it looks like she was sitting there for quite a long time, especially as darkness sets in.

14. When Sally and Franklin go to look for the others, they only call out for Jerry. Why not Kirk or Pam?

15. When Leatherface kills Franklin, blood spatters on his apron and shirt. In the wider shot, as Leatherface lifts the saw above his head, and Franklin's flashlight shines on him, old stains are still visible on the apron, but Franklin's blood is gone.

16. When Sally jumps out the window the first time to flee Leatherface, pieces of glass go flying everywhere. However, when she lands and gets up, there are no pieces of glass anywhere, and she somehow has no cuts or bruises.

17. After Sally runs back to the service station seeking refuge from Leatherface, there is a broom by the door. It changes positions several times during the scene.

18. When The Cook attacks Sally, what kind of damage did he expect to do with a corn broom?

19. When the Grandfather is drinking the blood from Sally's finger, he shakes and shivers. If he can do that, how come he can't hold or swing a small mallet?

20. Leatherface's makeup changes over the course of the dinner scene.

EXPLANATION: There was a deleted scene that shows Leatherface applying makeup in a separate room while dinner is going on.

21. When Sally escapes the house at the end, she runs and jumps through a window. As she lands, shards of glass spray out all around her. In the next shot, she gets up and the shards of glass are gone.

22. The position of the Hitchhiker, in relation to the truck, as it hits him, changes between shots. You can also see the fake limb attachment to what it obviously a dummy as he gets hit.

23. At the end of the film, Leatherface takes a socket wrench to the face and falls down into a roadside ditch, getting his clothes very dirty. Moments later, when he's doing his macabre chainsaw dance, his clothes are all nice and clean again.

24. During the iconic closing scenes, it is obvious that there is no chain on the saw, particularly as Leatherface is swinging it around his head.

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