1. What did Mark's sucker say?

2. What movie did Freddy spoof when he killed Dan on his motorcycle?

3. What was Dan's jersey number on the football team, and what position did he play?

4. What did Freddy call Greta as he was stuffing her face?

5. What warehouse did Mark at?

6. According to Dr. Moore, how long can a baby stay in a dream state?

7. What was Mark's hobby?

8. What sport did Yvonne play?

9. What did Greta want to be after high school?

10. What infamous killer made a cameo appearance in this movie?


1. Mark's sucker said "Lick Me".
2. Freddy spoofed the movie "Top Gun" when he said, "This boy feels the need for speed".
3. Dan's jersey number was #5 on the football team and he played quarterback.
4. Freddy served Greta up as "Filet De Barbie".
5. Mark worked at the Edmund A. Gray Company.
6. Dr. Moore said that babies can spend up to 70 percent of their time in a dream state.
7. Mark was a writer/artist of comic books.
8. Yvonne was a swimmer.
9. Greta wanted to be a supermodel.
10. Chucky, of 'Child's Play' fame, can be seen when Alice ran after Jacob in Mark's dream.

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