1. What was Rick's hobby?

2. What was the name of Kincaid's dog?

3. Kristen had a poster of what band on her wall?

4. What magazine did Joey read before he died?

5. What was the name of the diner where Alice works, and who was it named after?

6. What exam was Sheila taking when Freddy killed her?

7. When Rick was in the elevator, what floor did it stop on?

8. What was unique about Alice's mirror, according to Rick?

9. What was the team mascot of Springwood High, according to the poster at school?

10. What was Sheila's motto?


1. Rick's hobby was karate.
2. Kincaid's dog was named Jason. Ha Ha.
3. Kristen had a poster of U2 on her wall.
4. Joey read "Rolling Stone" before he died.
5. Alice worked at the "Crave Inn," named after Nightmare 1 and 7 director Wes Craven.
6. Sheila was taking her Physics exam.
7. Rick's elevator stopped on the 13th floor.
8. According to Rick, Alice's mirror "defeats the purpose" because it was covered in pictures.
9. According to the poster at school, Springwood's mascot was the Bulldogs.
10. Sheila's motto was "Mind Over Matter".

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