Freddy: "You shouldn't have buried me...I'm not dead..."

Kincaid: "Freddy's back!"

Freddy: "How's this for a wet dream?"

Kristen: "We have matching luggage again..."

Alice: "Did you ever hear of the Dream Master?"

Alice: "Just dream someplace fun...remember, you're in control..."

"I wanna draw some blood!"

Freddy: "Elm Street's last brat...farewell!"

Freddy: "How sweet...fresh meat!"

Freddy: "Alice...come to Daddy!"

Freddy: "Now no one sleeps!"

Kristen (To Alice): "You'll need my powers!"

Freddy: "Wanna suck face?!"

Alice: "Mind over matter!"

Freddy: "Your shift is over!"

Freddy: "Well it ain't Dr. Seuss!"

Freddy: "Welcome to Wonderland, Alice!"

Freddy: ""

Freddy: "You think you've got what it takes?!"

Freddy: "I've been guarding my gate for a long time, b*tch!"

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